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Get a growth-focused SEO opportunity report for your Shopify store. You’ll get personalized guidance on what to do based on a by-hand review of your store, SEO, content, competitors, analytics, keywords, and rankings.

Unlock Your Store's Growth

Most of us are lost when it comes to getting more traffic to our Shopify store

You’re a busy person and running a business. Where should you focus your limited time and attention? Should you:

  • Publish more blog posts?
  • Rewrite your product pages?
  • Get started with that ‘link building’ thing?

It’s hard enough to run an Ecommerce business when competing with Amazon.

No matter what you do, it feels like the SEO deck is stacked against you.

When you Google the obvious keywords for products, it’s the same result: big-box retailers and established e-commerce sites (like Amazon, Target, Etsy, and Walmart) are already ranking there.

How’s your store supposed to compete?

SEO was supposed to be the more affordable, do-it-yourself alternative to paid ads, social media, and influencer marketing.

What opportunities should your store focus on to rank higher in Google and attract more high-quality, read-to-buy-traffic?

What if you had a ‘do this, not that’ plan of the top opportunities to focus on?

Imagine that you had actionable, personalized advice, specific to your store, products, and customers. Expert direction, insight, and feedback on what to focus on (and what you can safely ignore). Direction on the projects, opportunities, and strategies you need to consider over the short and long term to grow.


Get actionable, specific, impactful marketing advice on your SEO, content, analytics, keywords, and competitors — all distilled down to the top priorities and strategies you need to focus on to get your store more traffic.

Presenting: the Shopify SEO Opportunity Report 🚀

Get actionable guidance on what opportunities to focus on to improve your Shopify store’s SEO, earn more traffic, and grow

With your SEO Opportunity Report, you’ll receive specific feedback on your store and the top opportunities for your SEO: what’s working, what isn’t, and what to focus on next to grow.

Your opportunity report will feature a focused and actionable report highlighting your top ~five SEO opportunities and the most relevant information to support your next actions.

You’ll love the actionable insights that surface in an SEO opportunity report, including your:

You can pass the actionable report to your team to implement, or we can use your SEO Opportunity Report as a roadmap for our growth work together.

Trusted by dozens of Shopify merchants and partners, including...

What do people have to say about you and your SEO Opportunity Reports?

Here are testimonial from merchants and partners who have worked with me on Shopify SEO Opportunity Reports for their store or their clients’ stores: 

”I appreciate how personable your reports are!“

“I’ve worked with quite a few SEO experts over the years, and their advice tends to range from fairly basic ideas to impenetrable recommendations that you don’t know how to take action on. It’s great that you set your services up so people can easily take action on your recommendations on their own, or get your help with implementation.”

Arianne Foulks – Founder & Captain, Aeolidia

“Kai, you’re my secret weapon.”

“I got in touch with you after nickd (of Draft) reminded me that you do SEO. I’ve been a fan of yours, and I was excited your skills overlapped with my needs.

We had a tight timeline to get some questions answered about our SEO before we launched our new headless Shopify site.

Your report was the best thing I’ve ever gotten in an email. I was like, “This is perfect.” I can’t even describe to you how excited I was reading this. You nailed it so hard. I loved the blend of technical and non-technical information.

You’re not the first SEO person that’s looked at the new website. Everyone else who looked at it said something like, ‘You’ve got some keywords you gotta do different.’ No one understood how to lay it all out in a way like you did that clearly says, ‘This is what you need to do, and here is how you freaking do it.’

Working with you gave us the confidence to launch our new site, a better understanding of our SEO gaps, and solid ideas on what to do in the future. You’re my secret weapon.”

James Pieper – My Favorite Quilt Store

“Kai has a leg up on the competition!”

“Shopify SEO is a unique space with many companies with little to offer. Kai came highly recommended for SEO Strategy and implementation. We vetted dozens of other SEO agencies and specialists. Based on his insight into our industry and Shopify SEO, we decided to work with Kai.

Our initial project together (an SEO Opportunity Report) provided clear direction on many ways to improve our SEO efforts and grow, including opportunities to:

  • Improve our site structure and architecture.
  • Optimize pages with improved keyword targeting.
  • Create new high-impact SEO pages targeting relevant search terms.

I’d recommend Kai as the best for you if you have a Shopify store. Many other SEO specialists have a hard time with Shopify SEO. Kai stands out from the competition.

James Clark – COO, Farmhouse Artisan Market

”Your report made my day!“

“I got the SEO report back and it made my day. Every single paragraph was helpful and thorough. The report was also encouraging of the things we were doing well and insightful on the steps needed to improve -even prioritizing what needs to be done first. Thank you for developing such an engaging and motivating report!”

Renae Bradley – Founder, Benzie Design

Start Tackling Your SEO Opportunities Today!

I’ve worked with dozens of Shopify stores to help them improve their SEO, rank higher, and get more traffic and sales. I only work with a limited number of clients each quarter. And now I’d like to help your store grow.

Your SEO Opportunity Report is only $2,500

“Your SEO Opportunity Report was incredible.“

“It was SO helpful for my store. There was a TON of information there + really actionable items to help us improve our SEO. I was really impressed, and it was really helpful. You surpassed any expectations I had.

Janet Avila – Founder + Owner, String Theory Yarn Company

Your store desperately needs a plan for more traffic!

Questions, Frequently Asked

Q: “Can you help us implement your recommendations?”

In a word, “Yes!” After the SEO Opportunity Report, we can work together to implement the top recommendations either through a Done-for-You SEO Project, an SEO Power-Up, or a custom project. 

Q: “Can you help us implement your recommendations?”

In a word, “Yes!” After the SEO Opportunity Report, we can work together to implement the top recommendations either through a Done-for-You SEO Project, an SEO Power-Up, or a custom project. 

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“This teardown rocks. I appreciate the in-depth content; this is well worth the price.”

Matthew Conte – Founder & Engineer, Outbound Lighting

“The ‘do now, do later’ list of action items was incredibly helpful since I'm not well-versed in SEO!”

Maureen Smith – Owner, CastleWare Baby 

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