Whenever I speak with Shopify store owners, I always make a point of asking what I can do to help them grow their store. To a T, their answers fall into three buckets:

  1. "Help me get more traffic!"
  2. "Help me sell to more people"
  3. "Help me turn my customers into repeat customers"

These are three of the highest priority goals Ecommerce Entrepreneurs and Shopify Store Owners focus as they — like you — work on growing their store.

The best way to transform your store into a sales machine more powerful than Iron Man?

Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization helps you get more customers, like your best customers, and it's a strong, steady, durable source of traffic.
  • Email Marketing helps you sell more to your customers (by educating them on what you sell) and turn customers into repeat customers (by nurturing the relationship)

About Kai Davis & Double Your Ecommerce

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Kai Davis HeadshotShopify Store Owners: I'm Kai Davis, a Shopify Marketing Consultant. I help Shopify Stores get more traffic and sell to more customers.

Together, we'll use Search Engine Optimization to attract more visitors like your best customers and Email Marketing to turn your visitors into subscribers, your subscribers into customers, and your customers into repeat customers.

With over a decade experience helping Ecommerce stores, let me help you Double Your Ecommerce.

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Kai Speaking

Kai Davis (I'm on the right) and Kurt Elster of Ethercycle speaking at DYFConf about one of our favorite topics: how to help your website get more sales

I've worked with Shopify Stores and Shopify Authorities like:

  • RIPT Apparel
  • JensHansen.com
  • Everest Bands
  • 8InchRound
  • KeySmart
  • Kurt Elster & Ethercycle

To help them (and their customers) sell more, more often, to more people.

I've been interviewed on a number of Ecommerce Podcasts including The Unofficial Shopify Podcast for my views on topics including "Brutally Honest SEO Advice for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs."

I've written guest articles for sites including Shopify. I've spoken at conferences including MicroConf on how to develop a Unique Personal Brand as a Guest Expert on Podcasts.

I'm the author of Shopify books and training products on marketing and personal branding for Shopify Store Owners, including "Shopify Search Engine Optimization Simplified."

Are you looking for help turning your Shopify Store into a Sales Dynamo?

Or perhaps you're looking for answers to your questions about Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or Marketing Your Store.

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Want to chat now? Book a call on Clarity and pay by the minute. Here's what Connie Holen has to say about our 1-on-1 call:

Connie_Holen_profile_circleWow! This call was incredibly valuable. I got so much information in such a short amount of time and Kai was able to break the complicated world of SEO down to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. This call saved me HOURS of research and trial and error. Thanks again Kai! —  Connie Holen, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

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— Kai Davis
Senior Shopify Consultant & Founder, Double Your Ecommerce