Shopify Store Owners: Are Your Sales Stuck In The Mud?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You have a well-designed store
  • Your theme is gorgeous and showcases your beautiful store
  • Your customer support is top-notch (and your reviews show it, too!)
  • Your products are the best in their class

But no matter what you’ve tried, your are flat. Lower than you want them to be.

No matter what you try, your sales aren't increasing.

The secret behind growing your store

No matter what your financial goal is for your store, it all starts from understanding your customers:

  • Where do they come from?
  • What do they buy the most of?
  • How often do they purchase a second time?

By understanding your customer, you understand the specifics of how to market your store to sell more, more often, at higher prices, to more people.

When you’re looking to take your store to that next level, it’s not just a single silver bullet tactic that will help you increase your sales.

You need a strategic plan to grow your store.

I’m not just an Ecommerce Consultant

I’m also a business consultant, which means that I’m focused on helping you grow a better business

CharlesMy engagement with Kai was nothing short of a tremendous success. During the three months we were together, we saw a nearly 3x increase in organic search visitors. Kai has been instrumental in solidifying our outreach strategy, has set us up perfectly with influencers, and identified numerous 'quick wins' on the web site.

Charles Fitzgerald, CEO, The Kewl Shop

Did we get our money's worth? Hell yeah! Kai's expertise in Search Engine Optimization gave us real, actionable insights into how we could improve our Organic SEO. Without a doubt, Kai provided Search Engine Optimization insights that no plugin or software could. (Plus, by leaving the SEO audit to him, we freed up time to focus on improving our business.) Five-Stars, Would buy again! :)

Kris K., Software Startup CMO (Company Name withheld per NDA)

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