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Shopify Merchants: Help your visitors (and Google) easily find and fall in love with your store. Get more traffic (and make more sales) with done-for-you SEO Services and SEO Growth Consulting.

When you get in touch, tell me more about your store and your goals. We’ll have a no-pressure conversation about your goals, your store, and the growth you’re looking to see.

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Services to help your store grow

Start your journey to more traffic and sales

SEO Clarity Call

Get answers to your pressing questions about SEO, growing or marketing your Shopify store, or getting more traffic.

Website X-Ray SEO Audit


Discover the top SEO opportunities for your store. I’ll do my ‘by hand’ audit and analysis of your store (plus your products, keywords, and more), and report on your top opportunities.

Traffic PowerUp

Traffic PowerUp

Done-for-You SEO Implementation and Growth. Each month, I’ll take care of the top SEO opportunities for your store, track your keywords, and report on your growth.

How I can help your store grow

About Kai Davis and Double Your Ecommerce

Hey there, Kai Davis here. I founded Double Your Ecommerce in 2014. My goal is to help Shopify merchants get more traffic and grow their stores.

There’s too much bad SEO information (and too many shady SEO consultants) out there. Double Your Ecommerce is my attempt to light up the metaphorical darkness with actionable, informative SEO advice and SEO services for your store.

My business is a small business by choice. I love the opportunity to work directly with a few ongoing and one-off clients at a time β€” as well as help Shopify merchants at scale with my weekly newsletter, my frequent appearances on podcasts as a guest, my products and courses, and my regular articles on SEO and growth for Shopify stores.

Kai Davis, founder of Double Your Ecommerce

Kai Davis, Your Shopify SEO Guy

Kai is the founder of Double Your Ecommerce. He brings 20+ years of experience as a digital marketer, consultant, SEO practitioner, copywriter, and Ecommerce merchant to growing your Shopify store.

What makes Double Your Ecommerce different?

  • First, I never charge an hourly or daily rate for my services. This means you don’t need to worry about charges running up without your knowledge or unexpectedly high bills.
  • Second, I’m a small business by choice. That means you’ll have my (Kai Davis’s) attention on your store and SEO throughout our time working together.
  • Third, I focus exclusively on white-hat, long-term, sustainable SEO solutions for your growth. That means I’m focused on understanding your customers, how your products help them, and how we can better reach them.

Interested in working together? Get in touch today and learn how I can help your store get more traffic and sales from Google. (Tell me about your store right here.)

Learn how to market and grow your store

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