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Merchants: Grow your Shopify store with a little help from an experienced marketer

(That's me, Kai Davis 👋)

If you’re a merchant looking to grow your store or get more traffic from Google, you’ve found the right partner for your goals. 

My name is Kai Davis and I’m a marketing consultant specializing in SEO for Shopify stores. I help merchants grow their businesses, rank higher, and attract more visitors. I’ve worked with over 100 Shopify stores (!). 

If you’re looking for help growing your store, then feel free to reach out for a no-pressure conversation. I’d love to learn more about you, your store, and your goals. 

Trusted by dozens of Shopify merchants and partners, including...
There are a lot of people out there selling SEO services

Why work with me instead of settling for a generic SEO Agency, app, or DIY effort?

SEO Agencies will treat your business as one of many in their herd of clients. Your business deserves personalized attention that recognizes the uniqueness of your products and customers.

SEO Apps and online tools can’t do what I do.  Even the latest ‘AI Powered’ SEO tools miss out on the human creativity and understanding of your specific business and industry nuances that are crucial for your marketing success. 

And doing good SEO yourself takes your time and attention away from more important things, like running your business or taking time off to rest and recharge. 

Here are four reasons why my clients love working with me:

First, you’ll have personalized attention on your business throughout our time together.

I’m a small business by choice. That means you’ll have direct access to me and my expertise to help you grow your store.

Second, you don’t need to worry about the meter running if you need my help.

I don’t bill by the hour. My services are one-time, fixed-price projects. That means you’ll always know exactly how much you’ll invest before the project starts. (This is a unique feature of my practice.)

Third, you’ll get solutions tailored specifically for your products, customers, and business.

Unlike large SEO agencies, the insights, opportunities, and optimizations I recommend and services I provides are specific to your store and business, not a cookie-cutter solution applied to dozens of clients. 

Fourth, you’re working directly with me to implement my recommendations.

Unlike working with my competitors, you won’t be passed from salesperson to project manager and junior team members. All my clients work directly with me, from initial sales calls through project delivery.

Services to grow your Shopify store

SEO + Growth Teardown

Get an SEO-focused video teardown of your store, SEO, messaging, and on-page content. 

SEO Opportunity Report

Get ‘do this, not that’ advice on the top opportunities to grow your Shopify store with SEO.

SEO Power-Up

Grow your store and start to rank higher on Google with a done-for-you SEO Tune-Up.

Confession time: I’m not just an SEO consultant

I’m a business and marketing consultant with 15+ years of experience. I specialize in helping e-commerce businesses grow, market themselves, and sell more online.

When we work together, I’m focused on helping your store grow and understanding your overall bigger business picture:

  • Who your customers are, how your products help them, and how we can better reach them with SEO
  • Your specific, long-term business and marketing goals and how you’ll know if our work together on your Shopify store is successful.
  • What you’re doing to research your customers and better understand their needs, pains, and problems.

Over the years, I’ve built my consulting practice on strategies that help my clients better understand their customers and grow their businesses. When you and I work together, you’ll get access to this experience and insights in addition to my expertise in SEO.

“We saw a significant increase in traffic to our website and online sales!”

Lori Bosch – Co-founder of jojo+lo Pickleball Wear

”Is Kai an SEO master? Hell yes!“

“SEO, if done right, takes time and I love that you underpromise and overdeliver.”

Melissa Clayton – Founder, WagTrendz

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