Shopify Store Owners: Is Your Store’s Traffic Stuck In The Mud?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You have a beautiful store. Your design is gorgeous, your customer support is top-notch, and your products are the best in their class.

But no matter what you’ve tried, your traffic stays low, your sales stay flat, and your store doesn’t grow.

Growing Your Store

$5,000/month. $10,000/month. $25,000/month.

Every Store Owner I talk to has had a specific number in mind for their business. Their sales goal. 

And every Shopify Store Owner I’ve worked with (out of the dozens I've helped get more traffic) has shared the same struggles with me:

• Their Organic Traffic is stagnant, month over month, with new customers struggling to find their site through search.

Bloggers, Influencers, and Product Reviewers are writing positive articles about their competitors, but they have no idea how to start those relationships

They have an email list, but customers rarely sign up for it. And when they do, you aren't sure what to say

When you’re looking to take your store to that next level, it’s not just a single silver bullet tactic that will help you increase your traffic and sales.

You need a strategic plan to grow your store, from ‘How do I get more traffic?’ to ‘How do I get more repeat customers?’

I’m not just an SEO Consultant

I’m also a business and marketing consultant, which means that I’m focused on helping you grow a better business, not just seeking every-higher numbers.

But if you’re focused on increasing your organic search engine traffic, I can help you through a combination of:

• Search Engine Optimization Strategies To Get More Traffic, helping you identify what changes your store needs so you can get found online

• Influencer Outreach, to help you build ongoing relationships with high-quality bloggers, journalists, and product reviewers

To get started, visit my application page and fill out the short application form. I’ll respond back with a few questions about your business and, from there, we’ll schedule a call to see if my 7+ years of experience helping eCommerce stores get more traffic can help you reach your goals.

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