Case Study — 300% Growth in eCommerce Traffic for The Kewl Shop

by Kai Davis | Last Updated: December 8, 2014

When The Kewl Shop wanted to increase their organic search traffic, they approached me to manage their Digital Outreach campaign and build high-quality, relevant, merit based links to their website.

Unlike a traditional Link Building Campaign, our Digital Outreach campaign was focused on building relationships with relevant influencers and authorities in their industry, not just ‘blasting’ low-quality, spammy links.

At the end of our work together, we saw The Kewl Shop’s organic search traffic increase by over 300%.

The Kewl Shop

At the start of our engagement, we clarified the outcomes we were targeting in our work together. Specifically, we wanted to:

Rather than simply ‘blasting’ a bunch of low-quality, spammy links, we wanted to use Digital Outreach to build relationships with relevant communities and then find opportunities to expose The Kewl Shop’s best content and products to those audiences, earning high-quality links for The Kewl Shop.

In our work together, we started by identifying the specific communities (“Link Ecosystems”) of sites that we wanted to earn links from and then outlining the content or assets (“Linkable Assets”) that we’d need to earn those links. We narrowed these Link Ecosystems down to:

Digital Outreach Campaigns

For each Link Ecosystem, I managed the Digital Outreach campaign to build relationships on The Kewl Shop’s behalf and expose an audience to The Kewl Shop’s products and content.

I outlined and implemented three separate Digital Outreach campaigns for The Kewl Shop:

For each campaign, I managed the Digital Outreach process to connect The Kewl Shop with relevant sites, build relationships with the influencers and authorities managing those sites, and expose the influencer’s audience to The Kewl Shop’s best products and content.

Product Review & Authority Interview Campaigns

To earn links from Fashion and Style Bloggers, I defined and implemented a Product Review Campaign and Authority Interview Campaign that would allow us to build ongoing relationships with influential fashion and style bloggers, work with them to expose their audience to The Kewl Shop’s Bandage Dresses and Leggings, and earn relevant links back to The Kewl Shop’s website.

Through this Digital Outreach, we were able to build relationships with relevant Fashion and Style Bloggers and find opportunities to earn links and expose their audience to our best products and content through product style posts, giveaway campaigns, and blogger interviews.

Scholarship Link Building Campaign

To earn links from Educational Sites, I outlined and implemented a Scholarship Link Building Campaign, promoting The Kewl Shop’s Fashion Design Scholarships to relevant schools and student organizations.

Through this Digital Outreach, we were able to build relationships with decision makers within targeted Fashion Design programs and earn educational links to The Kewl Shop’s website.

Campaign Results

At the end of our 3-month engagement, The Kewl Shop saw a dramatic 300% increase in Organic Search Traffic, putting The Kewl Shop in a position to hire a full-time internal employee to manage these campaigns.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Charles and The Kewl Shop on this Traffic Powerup campaign.

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