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Help your Shopify Store be better off than it was before you found me!

Kai Davis, founder of Double Your Ecommerce

About Kai Davis

Shopify Store Owners: I’m Kai Davis, CEO and founder of Double Your Ecommerce. I help Shopify Stores get more traffic from Google and sell more to their customers. I’ve been doing this since 2009. With over a decade of experience helping stores grow, let me help you Double Your Ecommerce

Maybe you’re struggling with Search Engine Optimization or growing your store and have questions like:

How do I get more traffic from Google?


Why do my competitors keep outranking me?


How the heck do I get people to link to my store?

I’ve been there.

I’ve been through all of that.

I stumbled forward in the dark for a few years, until I figured out the way forward. And I want to help you do the same.

How can Double Your Ecommerce help?

Whenever I speak with a Shopify Merchant (like you, dear reader), I always ask, “What can my industry do to better support you and help you grow?” To a T, answers always fall into three categories:

  • Help me get more traffic
  • Help me sell to more people
  • Help me turn my best customers into repeat customers
Traffic PowerUp

These are three of the highest priority goals Shopify Merchants and Ecommerce Entrepreneurs alike face as they work on growing their business.

How can you work on achieving these goals with your store? Growth Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are the best way to acquire high-quality customers who stick around.

Search Engine Optimization and Growth Marketing aren’t about just fixing one part of your website or marketing funnel. This approach is about looking at your customers, your customer lifecycle, and your products and using those insights to drive your store’s growth and customer acquisition.

Kai’s Ecommerce Origin Story

I’m not just an SEO and Marketing consultant. I’m also an Ecommerce Entrepreneur who has been selling physical and digital products online since I was a sophomore in High School.

My first introduction to Ecommerce was like many of us — I was working on an Ecommerce store with a partner. We had a beautiful store on a popular platform and we were selling great products that our customers loved — but we didn’t have much traffic, so we didn’t have many sales.

I started where anyone would: I read a bunch of articles, figured out what steps to take, and made an action plan to grow my traffic. I started out writing content and building links to our store.

Along the way, we started to see the old ways — blog spam link building, focusing on the quantity of links instead of quality — fall out of favor.

Gone were the days where you could blast a bunch of links and wait to see your rankings and traffic increase.

Instead, our traffic was increasingly coming from a focus on White-Hat Search Engine Optimization, Digital Public Relations, and earning high-quality links from content collaborations. All that added up to our store getting found online, ranking higher, and getting more clicks and visitors.

By focusing on optimizing our site for visitors coming from Google search,building relationships with other content creators, and creating the types of content that our audience naturally wanted to find, read, and share, we were able to grow our traffic.

That meant we had more visitors coming to my store and our sales slowly, incrementally started to climb.

Along the, I discovered that focusing on these four core aspects of growth marketing and Search Engine Optimization had a massive impact for our store:

  1. Search Engine Optimization and high-quality, search-friendly content, so we could attract customers asking questions that we were uniquely situated to answer.
  2. Content Collaborations and Digital Public Relations, so we could build relationships with other content creators, bring visitors to our store, and earn high-quality links.
  3. Email Marketing, so we could convert our visitors into subscribers, reach our past customers (and prospective future customers), and share content, resources, and news featuring our products.
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization, so we could incrementally, consistently optimize our website to convert more visitors into subscribers and buyers.

These growth marketing strategies are safe, stable, and evergreen for any Shopify store willing to invest in their marketing. I’ve never — not in 10+ years of consulting, not in 20+ years of selling online — found a focus on growth marketing to be the wrong thing for a store.

Today? I run Double Your Ecommerce and help Shopify Merchants get more traffic and make more sales to more  customers. I also founded and run an ecommerce store that sells digital products online. We use SEO, Email Marketing, Digital Public Relations, and Content Collaborations to market and promote ourselves and our products.

I love what I do, but most importantly, I love the success stories I get to hear each day from my readers, subscribers, and clients.

Lastly, I do provide consulting services. That’s how I make a living. But I’ll never try to hard-sell you or anyone else — nor do I presume that I have a monopoly on information. I practice value-based pricing. That means I charge based on the amount of value that I can deliver.

I like to get to know each and every reader, subscriber, and customer of mine. My inbox (kai@doubleyourecommerce.com) is always open to you, and I’m happy to answer any and all questions or be a sounding board.

Wondering what to do next?

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