Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Kai Davis, and I have one goal: Help your Shopify Store be better off than it was before you found me!

I've been there.

I've been through all of that.

I stumbled forward in the dark for a few years, until I figured out the way forward. And I want to help you do the same.

How I got started...

My first introduction was like many of us — I was working with a partner on an Ecommerce store.

We had a beautiful store and were selling a wonderful product — but we didn't have any traffic, so we didn't have any sales.

We started where anyone would: we read a bunch of articles, figured out what steps to take, and made a plan of action to grow our traffic.

So we started out building links to our store.

But, after a while, we didn't see any increase in our traffic. On top of that, we started to see the old ways — blog spam and focusing on the number of links instead of quality — fall out of favor.

Gone were the days where we could blast a bunch of links and wait to see our rankings increase.

Instead, our traffic was coming from our White-Hat Search Engine Optimization focus on building relationships to help our store get found online.

By focusing on optimizing our site for technical Search Engine Optimization, building relationships with other sites, and creating the type of content that our audience naturally wanted to read, share, and link to, we were able to increase our traffic. That meant we had more high-quality visitors to our store and our sales slowly, incrementally started to climb.

In the end, we discovered that focusing on marketing two aspects of our store made the most profit:

  • Search Engine Optimization, so we could attract more customers like our best customers
  • Email Marketing, so we could build a relationship with visitors over time and convert readers into customers into repeat customers

These strategies are safe, stable, and evergreen for any Shopify Store that's willing to invest in their marketing.

I've never, not in 10+ years of consulting, found a focus on Search Engine Optimization or Email Marketing to be the wrong thing for a store to focus on.

Today? I help Shopify Store Owners get more traffic and sell to more people.

I love what I do, but most importantly, I love the success stories I get each day from my readers, clients, and customers.

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Who Is This Person Talking To You?

Kai Davis HeadshotShopify Store Owners: I'm Kai Davis, a Shopify Marketing Consultant. I help Shopify Stores get more traffic and sell to more customers.

Together, we'll use Search Engine Optimization to attract more visitors like your best customers and Email Marketing to turn your visitors into subscribers, your subscribers into customers, and your customers into repeat customers.

With over a decade experience helping Ecommerce stores, let me help you Double Your Ecommerce.

Start the conversation — Tell me about your store!

One last note...

Lastly, I do provide consulting services and sell educational products. This is how I make a living. But I'll never try to hard sell you or anyone else, nor do I presume that I have a monopoly on information. I practice value-based pricing, I charge based on the amount of value I deliver.

I like to get to know each and every customer and reader of mine. My inbox is always open to you, and I’m happy to answer any and all questions or be a sounding board.

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Kai Davis
Shopify Marketing Consultant, Double Your Ecommerce