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I’m Kai Davis, and I have one goal: help your Shopify Store be better off than it was before you found me!

Whenever I speak with a Shopify store owner (like you, reader), I always ask what I can do to help them grow their store. To a T, their answers fall into three categories:

  1. Help me get more traffic
  2. Help me sell to more people
  3. Help me turn my best customers into repeat customers

These are three of the highest priority goals Ecommerce Entrepreneurs, and Shopify Store Owners alike focus on as they work on growing their store.

How can you achieve them? Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a robust and durable way to grow your store and get more traffic and customers.

Is Kai an SEO Master? Hell yes! I recommend Kai to every single Shopify store owner I know who wants more traffic. — Kurt Elster, Founder & Principal, Ethercycle

How Double Your Ecommerce (and Kai Davis) Can Help

Shopify Store Owners: I’m Kai Davis, a Shopify Marketing Consultant, and a Search Engine Whisperer. I’m the founder of Double Your Ecommerce. I help Shopify Stores get more traffic and sell to more customers through SEO. I’ve been doing this since 2009.

With over a decade of experience helping Ecommerce stores, let me help you Double Your Ecommerce.

Maybe you’re struggling with Search Engine Optimization and have questions like:

How do I get more traffic to my store?


Why do my competitors keep outranking me?

I’ve been there.

I’ve been through all of that.

I stumbled forward in the dark for a few years, until I figured out the way forward. And I want to help you do the same.

How I got started…

My first introduction to Ecommerce was like many of us — I was working on an Ecommerce store with a partner.

We had a beautiful store, and we were selling great products that customers loved — but we didn’t have much traffic, so we didn’t have many sales.

I started where anyone would: I read a bunch of articles, figured out what steps to take, and made an action plan to grow my traffic.

So, I started out writing content and building links to our store. Along the way, we started to see the old ways — blog spam and focusing on the number of links instead of quality — fall out of favor.

Gone were the days where you could blast a bunch of links and wait to see your rankings increase.

Instead, our traffic was coming from a focus on White-Hat Search Engine Optimization, Digital Public Relations, and earning high-quality links. All that added up to our store getting found online.

By focusing on optimizing our site for Organic Traffic from Google, building relationships with other content creators, and creating the type of content that our audience naturally wanted to read, share, and link to, we were able to grow our traffic.

That meant we had more visitors coming to my store and our sales slowly, incrementally started to climb.

Along the, we discovered that focusing on two aspects of marketing our store had a massive impact:

  1. High-quality, search-friendly content so we could attract customers asking questions that we were uniquely situated to answer.
  2. Digital Public Relations, so we could build relationships with other content creators and earn high-quality, relevant links.

These strategies are safe, stable, and evergreen for any Shopify store willing to invest in their marketing.

I’ve never — not in 10+ years of consulting — found a focus on Search Engine Optimization or Digital Public Relations to be the wrong thing for a store to focus on.

Today? I help Shopify Store Owners get more traffic from Google and sell to customers. I love what I do, but most importantly, I love the success stories I get to share each day from my readers, clients, and customers.

Lastly, I do provide consulting services. That’s how I make a living. But I’ll never try to hard-sell you or anyone else, nor do I presume that I have a monopoly on information. I practice value-based pricing; I charge based on the amount of value that I deliver.

I like to get to know each and every customer and reader of mine. My inbox is always open to you, and I’m happy to answer any and all questions or be a sounding board.

Wondering what to do next? I recommend that you:

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  3. Consider working together. Browse my service offerings or start the conversation by telling me about your store.

Want to chat now? Book a 1-on-1 SEO Clarity Call and get personalized advice and answers to your questions. Here’s what Connie Holen has to say about her experience:

This call was incredibly valuable. I got so much information in such a short amount of time, and Kai was able to break the complicated world of SEO down to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. This call saved me HOURS of research and trial and error. Thanks again, Kai! – Connie Holen, Entrepreneur

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— Kai Davis, Search Engine Whisperer, Double Your Ecommerce