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Why your Shopify product won’t rank in Google (and what to do about it)

Kai Davisby Kai DavisFebruary 2, 20223 Min read

Over in the Shopify forum, Joshua808 asked a great question about ranking his (newer) Shopify store and products for some...

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SEO for Shopify Collections

Kai Davisby Kai DavisDecember 4, 20214 Min read

Say you've got a Shopify collection — and it's got some of your best products in it. You want to...

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Better Than Average Shopify Collection Descriptions

Kai Davisby Kai DavisAugust 30, 202111 Min read

tl;dr: Adding descriptions to your store's collection pages will help your collections rank higher in Google. Done right, collection descriptions can help...

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How’s your Search UX?

Kai Davisby Kai DavisJuly 2, 20213 Min read

When’s the last time you sat down and put yourself in your visitors’ shoes? Have you ever taken a look...

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What’s the future of Shopify marketing?

Kai Davisby Kai DavisJune 22, 20214 Min read

I was on a call with a Website X-Ray client when they asked me, “Kai, what do you see as...

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Page Keyword Audit Spreadsheet

Kai Davisby Kai DavisAugust 29, 20201 Min read

This is a spreadsheet I created to use in my page keyword audits to track the different ranking factors. It's...

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