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Outreach Tracking Spreadsheet

Kai Davisby Kai DavisAugust 29, 20201 Min read

This is a spreadsheet I created to have a (free) way to track the websites I'm reaching out to for...

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Simple (yet powerful) SEO Tips for your Shopify store with Kai Davis

Kai Davisby Kai DavisAugust 29, 20201 Min read

I was invited to present to the PDX Shopify Meetup (hosted by Ilana Davis, no relation). Here's the full video...

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Big Frickin’ Coupon Month

Kai Davisby Kai DavisNovember 12, 20192 Min read

Black Friday Cyber Monday (“Big Frickin’ Coupon Month”) is almost upon us. Here’s a quick thought: Don’t wait until the...

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Two Pounds of Personality

Kai Davisby Kai DavisMay 21, 20182 Min read

Has this ever happened to you? You run into a problem with your Shopify store so you Google for an...

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Shopify Niche Celebrity

Kai Davisby Kai DavisMay 21, 20183 Min read

Do you want an unstoppable value proposition for your store? Something that none of your competitors (no matter how hard...

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How To Avoid The Negative Effects Of A Shopify Store Rebrand

Kai Davisby Kai DavisFebruary 21, 20185 Min read

  Avoid the negative effects that come from changing your store's brand name, domain, links, or content.   A few...

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