How’s your Search UX?

When’s the last time you sat down and put yourself in your visitors’ shoes? Have you ever taken a look at your store from their perspective when searching Google?

  • Search for a keyword a page or product in your store ranks for
  • Look at the search results. What do you see? Who else is there? Where do you rank?
  • Click the link to your store
  • Look at the landing page with fresh eyes
  • Add your product to your cart
  • Checkout of your store

That’s what Search UX is: the experience of searching in Google, finding your site, taking a risk, clicking your link, and browsing your site.

I recommend to my clients that at least quarterly, they sit down and look at the Search UX of their top keywords and top products. It’s essential to think through the holistic experience for your visitor.

Your brand experience starts with seeing your site in the search results, so what’s your Search UX like for your store?

  • What page title do you see for the keyword you’re searching for?
  • What does your page look like in the search results? Is the title resonant and aligned with the keyword they searched for? Or is the experience dissonant, confusing, and misspelled?
  • What rich results (like this) are showing for your page or product? Are you showing reviews and prices? Are your competitors?
  • When you click on your page, how fast does the page load? (Quick? Fast? Slow? Nope?)
  • When you first land on your page, do you see helpful information? Or are you smacked in the face with countless pop-ups?
  • Does the page provide a clear next step for you to take (e.g., read this next, browse that product, add this product to your cart) so you can feel you’ve found the information or product you’re searching for?

Search UX is about both having a good-looking, fast site and having the right content so your visitor can think, “Huzzah! I’ve found what I’m looking for!”

After all, if your store is ugly, slow, and full of the wrong information, why would Google want to show it to anyone? 

One great way to get a professional opinion on your Search UX is with an SEO + Growth Teardown for your store.

You and your store will benefit from:

  • A recorded video screencast with a professional ‘second opinion’ about your store and what to improve to get more traffic and sell more
  • Advice on what to fix (along with any low-hanging fruit to tackle on your site)
  • Feedback on your store’s Search UX and what to do to help Google love your store

Why wait?



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