SEO for Shopify Collections

Say you’ve got a Shopify collection — and it’s got some of your best products in it. You want to make sure you’re doing all the right things (and as few of the wrong things) as possible with your high-priority collections’ SEO.

What should you take into account for Shopify Collection SEO?

Big picture, Collection Optimization is a smart task to undertake. Optimizing your top priority collections to get more traffic from Google helps you diversify the types of pages on your store that are getting traffic from Google.

Google likes to rank Collections. Adding more Collection SEO Optimization to your store will help you get more pages (and page types) ranking.

Plus, collection pages typically have a higher conversion rate, lower bounce rate, and higher value than product pages (for a range of reasons). Optimizing your Shopify Collection SEO helps you get more traffic to what will likely be high-value pages for your store.

Thinking tactically, these are the important areas to work on for Collection SEO Optimization

You want to focus your efforts on these areas for Shopify Collection SEO:

  • Your collection’s SEO title and Collection Name keyword targeting. If your title is targeting too broad of a keyword (e.g., dishes) instead of a specific keyword relevant to your audience (e.g., shatterproof pet dishes for dogs) you’ll struggle to rank or attract relevant traffic. You want to make your Collection Title and Collection Name keyword targeting specific and relevant. And remember to look at your competitors and the other sites ranking in Google.
  • Your collection description and internal links. Google uses the content on a page to understand what it’s about and rank it. Your collection page’s collection description is an excellent way to get high-quality, relevant, keyword rich content onto your collection pages. (More on this Collection Description SEO approach here.)
  • Links across your store pointing to this collection. Google uses your internal links — links in the page content of your store — as a vote of relevance for pages on your store. If you add internal links from your homepage, blog posts, or product page content to high-priority collections, they’ll rank higher in Google.

You also have a few other areas you can work on — and you can work on these to further polish a collection, but work done here is often outside of the most impactful things you can do for a collection’s SEO

  • Meta Description. This can help folks understand why they should click through from Google to your collection, but doesn’t impact the keywords you’re ranking for.
  • Collection Image. This absolutely helps improve the quality collection, but doesn’t have an impact on SEO. (And if you’re using large, heavy images, it can negatively impact SEO.) You should optimize here, but it’s more of a design and brand thing than an SEO thing.

Are you looking for help getting more traffic to your Shopify store?

I work with a small number of Shopify stores each quarter to help them grow their traffic and conversions. My name is Kai Davis and I’m your Shopify SEO Guy. (You can read more about me, my background, and how I can help your store grow right here.)

If you’d like my help growing your store (or optimizing your collections), I recommend you check out these resources of mine:

  • SEO X-Ray. You can read about my SEO X-Ray service offering right here. When your store gets an SEO X-Ray, you receive a prioritized report of the top ~5-8 things to focus on to get more traffic from Google, as well as a prioritized ‘do this, not that’ action plan for the coming year. (Read more about the SEO X-Ray right here.)
  • Tell me about your store. You can tell me about your Shopify store (and a little about yourself and how I can help) right here. I work with a small number of Shopify stores each quarter to help them grow—and I’d love to work with your store next. (Tell me about your store right here.)
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