Two Pounds of Personality

Has this ever happened to you?

You run into a problem with your Shopify store so you Google for an answer.

You run into an article that gives you an answer to your question.

A few days later, you’re searching again, but this time you find a podcast interview talking about the problem you’re experiencing. Would you believe it? It’s the same person from the article!

A week later, you’re browsing Twitter and see a friend Tweeted out a video — and it’s from the same person that the Podcast Interview featured and that wrote the article.

You’ve Just Experienced “Two Pounds of Personality”

When you’re developing your “Two Pounds of Personality” for your business, you’re creating online and offline artifacts that capture your personality and let people — potential customers — find them.

When you have “Two Pounds of Personality,” you’re making it so your customers can’t help running into you and reasons to buy from your store:

  • Testimonials and case studies from happy customers, published on your site or the customer’s site
  • Product reviews on YouTube, showing off the highlights, features, and benefits of your products
  • High ranking pages in the search results so when a customer is searching, you’re what they find
  • Podcasts interviewing you or key members of your team, sharing examples of problems your customers overcame with your product
  • Guest articles on prominent sites and in popular trade magazines that your target market reads
  • Quotes from you and your team in popular articles online

“Two Pounds of Personality.”

To assemble your “2lbs of Personality,” you need to:

  1. Understand who, specifically, your target market is
  2. Develop a Unique Personal Brand that speaks to your customers
  3. Research your target market and know exactly how to reach them
  • What websites do they comment on?
  • What magazines and trade publications do they subscribe to?
  • What Social Media do they follow?
  • What Podcasts do they listen to?
  • What YouTube channels do they subscribe to?

The easiest way to reach your customers is to go where they already are. So as you assemble your “Two Pounds of Marketing,” focus on going to where your customers already are.

That way, as you’re building up the proof that you are the best option in the market, you’re also marketing your business.

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