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about SEO and growing your Shopify store

On this page, you can ask me (Kai Davis, Founder of Double Your Ecommerce) anything about SEO, marketing, or growing your Shopify business. Why do this? Because I like to help people — like Shopify merchants — market and grow their businesses.

One way to do that is by answering questions and sharing advice. And by doing it this way, we’ll build a shared compendium of information, answers to questions, and resources. You’ll probably get the best results by asking me something about SEO, marketing, or growing your Shopify business. Here’s a list of potential topics:

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO and collection SEO
  • Testing a new market or niche for your store
  • How to think strategically and tactically about growing with SEO
  • Any of the topics I’ve written about in my articles, daily letters, or products

Dive in and ask me anything!

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