How to track your top keyword rankings with this free app

To grow your SEO, one crucial part is understanding where you’re already ranking and working on growing those rankings. Here’s a question, how are you supposed to track your rankings over time? Sure, there are some options, but there’s no simple + free option. For years I’ve been looking for

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How Shopify collections can grow your SEO

Unfortunately, Shopify stores aren’t thinking about how they can maximize their collections on Google (i.e., what makes collections unique, a strategy for collections, how to SEO collections). That lack of strategy is hampering their growth and leaving money (and traffic) on the table. Too many people think of collections as

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How to find exactly where a page ranks in Google (without counting)

Recently a customer for a Shopify Growth Teardown ( asked about a feature in the videos. Sometimes, when reviewing your store, I’ll pop open a Google search window and search for a keyword I see listed on a product, collection, or page. Then, I’ll see where you’re ranking in the

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