What questions should you be asking your SEO consultant?

A reader writes in with an excellent questions about working with an SEO consultant

What are the questions I should be asking my SEO consultant to answer? Target keywords for a start? Or am I wasting my time with on-page SEO? Seems like an important building block. What do you recommend?
On-page SEO is important but particularly important in two cases:

  1. Doing an audit to see what's broken and then fix it (identifying site wide / page specific issues)
  2. Optimizing specific pages on your site for specific keywords 
When working with an SEO consultant, you should ask these questions and note their answers:

  1. What SEO issues do you see site-wide?
  2. For my top performing pages for Organic traffic, what issues do you see?
  3. What keywords am I currently ranking for?
  4. What keywords produce the majority (80/20) of my organic traffic?
  5. What pages produce the majority (80/20) of my organic traffic? 
  6. What keywords are my top competitors ranking for?
  7. What is the strategic plan for ranking higher / copying competitor keywords?
  8. How healthy is my backlink profile? What do we mean by 'health'?
  9. How does this compare to my competitors?
  10. What's our link building strategy? What strategies do you, dear consultant, recommend/advocate?
  11. What's the plan to get +5-10 links from unique, high-quality referring domains every month? 

These questions are answered in the Shopify Store Ecommerce Audit (https://doubleyourecommerce.com/products/shopify-store-ecommerce-seo-audit) and the Ecommerce Marketing Growth Roadmap (https://doubleyourecommerce.com/products/ecommerce-marketing-roadmap) which tackles questions about link building.