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The Collection Title and SEO

First, what’s a collection title?

(aka collection page headline)

A collection title (headline) is different from a collection SEO title

A collection title appears on the page in the content above the collection description and product grid. It’s sometimes called a headline because it appears as the primary headline (<h1> element) on the collection page. 

Here’s an example Collection Title from The Chocolate Season: the bit that says “All Baked Goods” in the page content. 

Now, a Collection Title is different than a Collection SEO Title

  • The SEO Title appears in the search results, it doesn’t appear in the page content on a collection page.
  • The Collection Title doesn’t appear in the search results, it does appear in the page content on a collection page.
  • The content in the SEO Title and Collection Title are set in two different spots on a collection page in the Shopify backend

This is a Collection SEO Title in the Search Results. 

These are two separate things. Each is very important for your collection SEO.

Note: sometimes, ‘Collection Title‘ and ‘SEO Title’ interact in an odd way.

When you set a Collection Title, Shopify, by default, sets that title as the SEO title. That can occasionally cause some issues.

It’s natural to pick a shorter, more general phase as the collection title. It’s easier to say or read “Fudge” to describe that collection than “Handmade Artisinal Chocolate Fudge,” and it looks cleaner on the page for the headline to say “Fudge.” All of those are valid reasons.

But when it comes to SEO, more niche keywords are better. If your collection’s SEO title is just “Fudge,” you’ll struggle to rank for that competitive term.

As we discussed in the chapter on keyword research: more niche + long-tail keywords might get less traffic, but it’s easier to rank for those less-competitive phases, and the traffic often converts better.

If your collection title is a short, more general keyword like “Fudge,” then your SEO title should target a longer-tail keyword, like “Buy Handmade Artisanal Fudge”

Why are collection titles important? What are they good for?

Collection titles (what we in SEO call ‘page headlines’) are an essential SEO element. For Collection SEO, they’re a significant element. Collection titles are essential for humans + robots.

Collection titles are like a sign for any visitors saying, “Hey, this is what this page is about! Expect more on this topic!”

Collection titles are like the signage in a grocery store. If you have an aisle or section in your store full of groceries, cheeses, or decorative illustrated watercolor tea towels, you need signage saying, “This is what’s here.”

This is what a collection title is, like in the below image:

Where do you edit the collection title?

You set the Collection Title while editing the collection, and the “Collection Title” field is at the top of the collection page editor.

How much impact do collection titles have on SEO and rankings?

Your Collection Titles (page headlines) have a lot of impact on your SEO. Google looks at a collection’s title (headline) to understand what that page is about. A relevant, short headline is a great way to help signal to Google, “This page is about this topic.”

A collection, in combination with an SEO Title and Collection Description, will be doing a lot of work to help your SEO.

Please don’t turn off collection titles in customizer!

I’ll often see Shopify stores that have decided to turn off the display of the Collection Title on the page. (Sometimes, those stores will also be missing Collection Descriptions on their collection pages.)

If you don’t have your Collection Titles turned on and displaying, you’re doing your customers and your store’s SEO a disservice. You’re missing important content.

A missing collection title does a lot to harm your collection’s SEO. Google reads the content on your page to understand what the page is about. You’re missing a powerful signal without a Collection TItle (headline). (And if your theme doesn’t display a collection title and description, you’re giving Google very little to work with.)

Bottom line: keep your Collection Title turned on and displaying to visitors. That’s an essential SEO element.

How should you optimize collection titles?

You want your collection titles to be descriptive and informative about the items contained in this collection. And they should be general enough that the text doesn’t look overstuffed with keywords to visitors.

What’s the bottom line on collection titles and SEO?

Collection titles are an essential SEO element! Fill them out, optimize them if you’d like, and please don’t turn them off! These are essential SEO elements, and they do a lot to help your collection SEO.

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