SEO & Link Building Consulting

At my core, I’m an SEO, Link Building, and Digital Outreach consultant. I’ve helped eCommerce stores, small businesses, and Software-as-a-Service companies get found online, earn high-quality links, and increase their traffic for the past five+ years, and I take on a select number of one-off consulting engagements every year.

My work centers around Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, and Outreach Consulting. The most important thing, though, is that I help your business get found online and generate more traffic, no matter what it takes.

Here are some examples:

  • The Kewl Shop. A large eCommerce store, selling women’s clothing and accessories. The Kewl Shop hired me to help them recover from a serious Google penalty that was impacting their ability to generate traffic. Facing both stiff competition and the negative impacts of the penalty, we set our expectations low for the results we could generate, and ended up increasing their organic traffic by 300%. (You can read the full case study here)
  • SheerID. Working with retailers to verify that their customers qualify for special offers, SheerID hired me to oversee the development of their new website, with an eye towards SEO, lead generation, and helping them get found online. I worked with SheerID’s executives and marketing team to oversee the development of their website and their SEO campaigns.

Who vouches for Kai

Did we get our money's worth? Hell yeah! Kai's expertise in Search Engine Optimization gave us real, actionable insights into how we could improve our Organic SEO. Without a doubt, Kai provided Search Engine Optimization insights that no plugin or software could. (Plus, by leaving the SEO audit to him, we freed up time to focus on improving our business.) Five-Stars, Would buy again! :)

Enterprise SEO Client

Charles Fitzgerald My engagement with Kai was nothing short of a tremendous success. During the three months we were together, we saw a nearly 3x increase in organic search visitors. Kai has been instrumental in solidifying our outreach strategy, has set us up perfectly with influencers, and identified numerous 'quick wins' on the web site.

Charles Fitzgerald, CEO, The Kewl Shop

What the process looks like

Every project is different, so first we’ll collaborate on a roadmapping workshop that will identify the major pains in your business, resulting in a proposal to define and estimate the project itself. At the very least, your roadmapping workshop will define the project’s scope for you to take to any other consultancy if you need.

Once we get a proposal together, it’s off to the races. If you’re interested in working together, I’d love to begin a conversation with you. Book a roadmapping workshop at the link below, or email me with any questions.

Book Your Roadmapping Workshop for $1,000

One-Hour Consultation

Want to talk about your business? Want me to pick apart your SEO? I’m available for a limited number of one-hour calls every month, and would love to chat with you. I promose to do my homework before our call, and I’ll keep it helpful, actionable, and focused on improving your business.

Book a One-Hour Consultation for $400