This is a standing invitation: if you want to talk about: Shopify and Shopify Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or Email Marketing, I want to talk to you.

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  • I like getting email. Iโ€™ve never, not even once, regretted getting an email from a consultant, student, business, or person interested in this industry. The worst thing that has ever happened from someone sending me an email is me being a bit busy and not replying. Feel free to send me email. I read around 90% of the email I get and reply to as much as I can.
  • I like reading things. If you write something worth reading, tell me. Again, the worst thing that has ever happened is that I just donโ€™t read it. All that cost you was a two-line email.
  • I like reading about Shopify, Ecommerce, SEO, and Email Marketing. If youโ€™re also interested in those industries or topics, you should send me an email.
  • I like meeting people in Eugene, Oregon. If youโ€™re in town, and want to talk, send me an email, Iโ€™ll buy you coffee, no questions asked.
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