How do I get more traffic to my store?

by Kai Davis | Last Updated: February 21, 2018
How do I get more traffic to my store?

My friend Paul Jarvis asked this great question:

Almost all of my clients want more traffic to their website, but it ends there (as in, they have no idea what to do and social media isn’t doing anything for them). In broad strokes, what do you suggest?

Simply put, for your clients to get more traffic, they need to earn high-quality, relevant links to their sites. No matter what anyone says, that’s the secret sauce.

Gone are the days when you could build 500 low-quality links and see your rankings climb. You want to slowly, incrementally earn high-quality, relevant links for your website to see your traffic increase.

But how do you do this? How do you know what sites to earn links from? Or what resources to create to attract those links? It’s a multi-step process:

In practice, there are a lot of moving parts to this. Let’s walk through an example for an eCommerce website to see what this can look like.

Let’s pretend that you, dear reader, own an eCommerce website that sells acupuncture supplies to acupuncture studios. You want to get more traffic to your website. What do you do?

Who do we earn links from?

You want to start by thinking about the communities that you want to earn links from. The specifics of the campaign should wait until later.

By thinking through the community that you want to earn links from, you’ll be able to better focus your campaign on your audience. In practice, I’ve found that thinking about the community first is the difference between saying:

“To earn links, we need to launch a podcast!”

and saying:

“We want to earn links from acupuncture studios that are using our supplies. To do this, we’ll launch a podcast about marketing for acupuncture studios. We’ll interview our customers about the marketing strategies they’re using to grow their business. Then, we’ll earn links from their websites by asking them to post about the podcast on their site.

With the second example, we have specific direction on the audience for the campaign, which makes implementation easier. This is the difference between a lot of the link building strategies you can read online and an outreach focused campaign. By defining your audience first, you have direction on who you’re targeting with the campaign before you start thinking about the ‘what’ of the campaign.

So, how do you figure out which community you should focus on? There are a few strategies you can use:

There are a few tools that you can use for this analysis:

For our example acupuncture supply website, we might decide that there are four communities that we want to earn links from:

What are these communities linking to?

For each community that we want to earn links form, it’s important to identify what resources and sites they’re linking to, why they’re linking to these sites, and what we have of value to offerthat can earn us a similar link.

For your website, you’ll want to study the communities that you’ve identified and ask yourself ‘what value can I provide?’

For our hypothetical acupuncture supply website, let’s take a look at each community we want to earn links from:

For each community, we can begin to identify the resources or assets that they’re linking to and what we can do to provide value and earn a similar link.

What assets do we need?

An ‘asset’ is a resource that we’re creating or making available as part of our campaign in order to build a relationship with the community andearn a link. For this project, assets could include:

To earn links from outreach, for each community that you’re targeting, there are specific assets that you’ll want to prepare as part of each campaign. During outreach to these communities, you’ll use these assets to open a conversation, begin a relationship, and earn links to your website.

For our hypothetical Acupuncture supply website, let’s take a look at the assets we’ll want to prepare to earn links:

Once we’ve selected a community and asset, we’ll want to prepare that asset. Then, we’re ready to begin Digital Outreach and build relationships with the communities we’re targeting.

How do we connect with these sites?

The final step is to contact sites within these communities and start a conversation with them. I treat this outreach like a high-touch business development or sales relationship:

In your outreach, you don’t want to immediately ask for a link. That’s a bit too forward.

While one of your goals is to earn a link, you want to focus on building a positive, ongoing business relationship with your prospect and the site they’re associated with. In the long run, that relationship will be more valuable to you, your business, and your website, than a single link. In your communication, focus on providing value to them, not asking for something for you.

Putting It All Together

To get more traffic to your website, you need more links. To earn links for your website, you need to:

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