Unlock your keyword Research with this ‘magic' spreadsheet 🪄

Keyword research and optimization are one of the best ways to grow your Shopify store’s performance in Google.

But knowing which keywords to focus on is the challenging part.

How can you identify which keywords are the ‘🔥 quick wins’ for your store?

If you want to grow your SEO, you need keyword research and optimization.

But doing keyword research is confusing and expensive. Which tools are you supposed to use? Which pages are you supposed to focus on? How do you know if what you’re doing is working?

Maybe you’ve tried free tools like Google Search Console before, and ran into a frustrating experience.

With Search Console, it’s very difficult to correlate this keyword performance with that page performance. Let alone read the tea-leaves to figure out which pages are the high-impact ‘🔥 quick wins’ to focus on.

And without that essential information (e.g., this page is ranking for that relevant keyword in this position), you’re playing darts in the dark.

What if you could shine a light on your keyword optimization process and identify high-impact keywords — for free — with just a few clicks?

Imagine putting your keyword research for your Shopify store on auto-pilot. Instead of struggling to read the tea leaves yourself, you just:

Instead of banging your head against the wall (or paying $120/month for paid SEO tools), you can get actionable, specific insights into the keywords and pages to optimize. For free. (Seriously.)


Get the ‘Keyword Magic’ spreadsheet and find your ‘🔥 quick win’ keyword opportunities.

I’ve put together a special spreadsheet just for you, my ecommerce friend.

You can use this free spreadsheet to find the top keyword opportunities in your store (optimize this page that’s ranking in this position for this keyword). And then you optimize those ‘🔥 quick win’ pages to rank higher and bring more traffic to your store.

All you need is:

I coach SEO in a Shopify FB group, and I think your spreadsheet is just brilliant. Many of my clients ask where they can start and I walk them through manually doing this in Search Console. Having a way to do it automatically is awesome. — Sarah, Founder, Sarah & Essie

You can download this ‘Keyword Magic’ spreadsheet and instructions on how to set it up and use it (for free!) right now. This is my gift to you.

To get my ‘Keyword Magic’ spreadsheet (and instructions on how to set it up, use it, and track your keyword performance), enter your name and email in the form below and click the ‘Give Me The Keyword Magic 🪄’ button.

You’ll receive a link to your copy of the spreadsheet (with links and instructions on getting started) in your inbox.

No tricks, no fooling, no upsells. Just a high-value resource you can use to accelerate your keyword optimization and SEO efforts.

This ‘Magic’ spreadsheet came about from my SEO Opportunity Reports. This was a tool I put together to make it easier to find ‘Quick Win’ keyword opportunities as I analyzed Shopify stores, and I decided to release it as a free resource. Enjoy!

Get your free ‘Keyword Magic 🪄’ spreadsheet today!

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