Shopify Store Owners: Here’s how to work with me to grow your store’s profits

Marketing Growth Plan

Do you have questions about how to market your Shopify store?

I don't have all of the answers, but I have some. And with a Marketing Growth Plan, you'll get answers to your most pressing questions, as well as a detailed plan of action for your Shopify marketing.

Marketing Growth Plans are $500 and designed to help us give us an answer to one question: what needs to happen for your store to grow?

Strategy & Advisory Services

1-on-1 Call

With a 1-on-1 call, you'll get real-time answers to your Ecommerce marketing questions.

1-on-1 60-minute video call plus recording for $200.

Marketing Strategy Retainer

Get unlimited monthly access to get answers to your marketing questions.

At $1,000/month, the perfect option for stores that want a line to a marketing strategist.

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Have a growing store and need someone to define your marketing strategy and manage the day-to-day?

With this, you get me as your store's "CMO." Custom pricing.

Audience Research

Audience Research

The key to increasing your sales is understanding your audience.

With this $750 report, get a detailed report on who your best customers are.

Heatmaps & Reporting

Running heatmaps on key pages of your store will tell you how to make more sales.

Includes setup, training videos, and three months of reporting for $1,000.

Customer Surveys

When's the last time you talked to your customers?

With a Customer Survey Campaign, get answers to your most pressing questions. Available for $1,000.

Store Optimization

Store Video Analysis

Want an expert's opinion on your store's design? Advice on what's working and what isn't?

Get a video review of your store, products, and checkout for $250.

Checkout Optimization

Optimize your store's checkout across 20+ points, with three months of reporting included.

Boost your store's conversion rate this month with this campaign for $1,500.

Marketing Copywriting

The most important part of your design and marketing is the words you're using.

Get expert copywriting help for your store's marketing, landing pages, and products.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Roadmap

Curious if email marketing makes sense for your store and what the investment (upfront and ongoing) will be?

For $500, get a detailed report on if email marketing makes sense for your store.

Email Marketing Quickstart

For $3,000, get everything you need for your store's email marketing: set up in Klavyo, a welcome campaign, and a post-purchase campaign.

Includes 3-months of reporting and training videos.

Repeat Customer Campaign

For $4,500, get a marketing campaign to get your previous customers ordering more, more often.

Includes setup, strategy, implementation, and 3-months of reporting and management.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Roadmap

Curious if Facebook Advertising makes sense for your store and what the investment will be?

For $500, get a detailed report on Facebook Advertising for your store.

Blogger Marketing

Blogger Review Roadmap

Curious if a Blogger Review campaign makes sense for your store?

For $500, get a detailed report on Blogger Outreach for your store and what the investment (and return) could be.

Search Engine Optimization

Shopify SEO: Simplified

Learn the essentials of Shopify Search Engine Optimization with this Audio Course on Shopify SEO.

Available for purchase today for $50. Learn the essentials of Ecommerce SEO.