Website X-Ray

A plan for optimizing your website

Most of us are lost when it comes to getting more traffic to our website. Sure, we have a great site — it’s a beautiful site, the content is wonderful — but we’re left scratching our heads on how to get more traffic.

Maybe you’ve tried Search Engine Optimization before and you know that you absolutely need to optimize every detail of your site, no matter whether it’s just launched or an established website, to get results.

But at the end of the day, you just can’t understand why you aren’t up there with your competitors. Your on-page SEO is dialed in. The quality and quantity of your links are strong. You regularly share rich, engaging content with you audience — which your competitors don’t seem to be doing.

So, naturally, you’re frustrated.

Actionable Expert Advice

I’ve helped dozens of people increase their website’s traffic and now I want to help you understand everything that you can do to optimize your website’s ability to get found online. Presenting, the Website X-Ray, a detailed, comprehensive report that will save you time and help you increase your traffic.

  • First, I’ll perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your website: site-wide problems, on-page optimization issues, title tags and meta descriptions, and even broken links. You could take any of this advice and make your website’s SEO a thousand times better than it currently is.

  • Next, I’ll perform an SEO analysis of your most important product, marketing, or landing page. This will give you specific advice and direction on how to optimize your most important page to get found online.

  • Then, you’ll get over three thousand words of actionable advice on what you need to do to optimize your website’s SEO and increase your traffic.

  • Finally, I’ll provide overall thoughts on you website and your SEO. Sometimes people love to have others riff on their business, no matter how separated they may be from day-to-day operations. Hopefully I can offer a solid perspective to get you out of any ruts.

(You can read a sample Website X-Ray, if you’d like.)

You desperately need a plan

  • Are you unsure what to do to optimize your SEO? The Website X-Ray will give you specific direction on the changes you need to make for your site and your most important product pages. You can use the Website X-Ray as a roadmap for your website’s SEO.
  • Are you struggling to understand why you aren’t up there with your competitors? I’ll pick apart your entire website, giving you detailed, actionable advice on what changes to make to increase your rankings, get found online, and increase your traffic.

  • Do you want a low-risk, easy-out consulting relationship? The Website X-Ray is a terrific way to determine how we work together. If you’re wondering how I work and whether I fit into your overall culture, a one-off commitment reduces your risk as much as possible.

Who are you?

I’m Kai Davis. I’m an SEO and Outreach Consultant in Oregon. I help brands who sell products online increase their sales. I have nearly a decade of experience helping my clients get found online.

How do we get started?

While many consultants at my level charge thousands for a report like this, I run my business lean, with smaller margins, and pass the savings on to you. Website X-Ray reports are only $1,494 for everyone.

I know you may be skeptical in the value the Website X-Ray could have for your business. Well, here are some comments from past clients about the value of the Website X-Ray:

Marci Hansen Kai's advice on optimizing our website was an epic win for us — it permanently moved the needle on our growth.

Marci Hansen, Chief Marketing Officer, SheerID

And another:

Jason Forest This report blew my mind! Kai gave me a deep level of insight into my business and how to achieve the outcomes I'm looking for, along with specific, actionable advice to grow my traffic.

Jason Forest, Owner, RigBooks

I’ve helped dozens of people optimize their website to increase their traffic – and I want to help you optimize your website, too. The Website X-Ray is a detailed, comprehensive report that will save you time and make you money.

Right after you pay me, I’ll send you a ten-minute questionnaire about your business. Once you send me your answers, I’ll give you a firm deadline for when to expect your report.

I’ll create your report by analyzing your website, your analytics, and up to 3 key pages on your site, and writing up my findings. Once I’ve sent you your report, you can email me one round of feedback and questions if you want, and I promise I’ll respond to everything.

And if you’re unsatisfied with my work for any reason, I provide an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Take action now

If you want an actionable, custom-tailored report that will help you optimize your website, you’ve come to the right place:

Order Your Website X-Ray For $1,494

If you order right now, you’ll get your report in 4 weeks. Read the Website X-Ray Terms & Conditions if you’d like more details.

Got any questions? Email me and I’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks for reading.


p class=”ps”>p.s., Looking for something smaller? No worries. With Website X-Ray: Express, you’ll get actionable advice on how to increase your rankings (and traffic!) for your most important keywords.