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I frequently share tools, resources, and guides to help Shopify merchants and marketers with their SEO and to get more traffic. Enjoy!

Shopify ‘Keyword Magic’ Spreadsheet

Follow the instructions and get a list of the ‘quick wins’ available for your Shopify store (from Google Search Console).

Collection SEO Guide

‘Do this, not that’ advice to help you optimize your collection pages. Follow this guide, rank higher in Google, and get more traffic. 

Page Keyword Audit Spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet I created to use in my page keyword audits to track the different ranking factors. It’s a great resource to use for your page audits.

Outreach Tracking Spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet I created to have a (free) way to track the websites I’m reaching out to for digital PR/content collaboration opportunities.

Kai on the Unofficial Shopify Podcast

My friends Kurt and Paul  of Ethercycle had me on the Unofficial Shopify Podcast to talk about Shopify eCommerce SEO.

Optimize and Elevate

SEO + Growth Video Teardown

Get long-form video feedback on Shopify store’s SEO, marketing content, and more.

You’ll get actionable feedback on what to change (or keep doing) to grow your store’s SEO. You’ll get feedback on everything from your store’s key pages, SEO titles, and rankings to your store’s marketing content, messaging, and user experience. 

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