SEO strategy and done-for-you SEO services

You want to grow your store, get more traffic, and make more sales. I can help.

With over a decade of experience helping Shopify businesses grow, let me help you grow with SEO strategy consulting and done-for-you SEO services.

done-for-you SEO and marketing Services

Start your journey to more traffic and sales

Growth + SEO Teardown

Get a growth- and SEO-focused video teardown of your Shopify store, SEO, and content.

Shopify SEO Strategy

Get an actionable SEO strategy for your Shopify store with the top 5-8 most impactful opportunities.

Shopify SEO Tune-Up

Address the top SEO issues and opportunities for your store with this done-for-you Shopify SEO Tune-Up.

What makes my services different?

  • First, you’ll have personalized attention on your business throughout our time together. I’m a small business by choice. That means you’ll have direct access to me and my expertise to help you grow your store. 
  • Second, you don’t need to worry about the meter running if you need my help. I never charge an hourly or daily rate for my services. You shouldn’t have to make an investment decision whenever you might need my assistance. (This is a unique feature of my practice.)
  • Third, you’ll get solutions tailored specifically for your products, business, and customers. Unlike large SEO agencies, the insights, opportunities, and optimizations I recommend are specific to your store and business, not a cookie-cutter solution applied to 100+ clients. 
  • Fourth, you’re not dealing with a whole bunch of other people to implement my recommendations, you’re working directly with me. You’ll get a ‘do this, not that’ plan for your future growth that takes into account your current resources and your growth goals. Then we’ll agree on the top opportunities to grow your store and I’ll personally implement them. 

Interested in working together? Get in touch today and we’ll discuss how I can help your store grow.

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