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SEO and Marketing Services for Growing Shopify Stores

If you’re looking to grow your store, rank higher on Google, get more traffic, and make more sales, I can help.

With over a decade of experience helping Shopify businesses grow, let my strategic, advisory, and done-for-you services help you grow your store. 

Interested in learning more? Reach out today to start a no-pressure conversation about your SEO and marketing goals — or start the conversation with a paid 1-on-1 Business Strategy Call to pick my brain and get your questions answered. 

Optimize and Elevate

SEO + Growth Video Teardown

Get long-form video feedback on Shopify store’s SEO, marketing content, and more.

You’ll get actionable feedback on what to change (or keep doing) to grow your store’s SEO. You’ll get feedback on everything from your store’s key pages, SEO titles, and rankings to your store’s marketing content, messaging, and user experience. 

“This teardown rocks. I appreciate the in-depth content; this is well worth the price.”

Matthew Conte – Founder & Engineer, Outbound Lighting

“The ‘do now, do later’ list of action items was incredibly helpful since I'm not well-versed in SEO!”

Maureen Smith – Owner, CastleWare Baby 

Unlock Growth

SEO Opportunity Report

Get actionable SEO advice tailored to your store, and prioritizing your key opportunities for growth.

I’ll conduct an in-depth review of your store, content, analytics, keywords, competitors, and rankings. You’ll then receive a concise and actionable report outlining your high-impact opportunities and specific ‘do this, not that’ advice and recommendations. 

“Kai, you’re my secret weapon. Your report was the best thing I've ever gotten in an email. I was like, ’This is perfect.‘”

James Pieper – My Favorite Quilt Store

“Your SEO Opportunity Report was incredible. It was SO helpful. There was a TON of really actionable items to help my store improve.“

Janet Avila – String Theory Yarn

Strategic SEO Boost

SEO Power-Up

Power up your store’s SEO with this done-for-you SEO project. You’ll address the top SEO opportunities and technical SEO issues facing your store.

“We saw a significant increase in traffic to our website and online sales. Kai was friendly, knowledgable, organized, and easy to work with.”

Lori Bosch – Co-founder of jojo+lo Pickleball Wear

“Kai is very knowledgeable about e-commerce. He took the time to study my business and didn't just jump in with cookie-cutter fixes.”

Adrienne Williams – Owner, Grayson Monaé

Ready to Grow?

Meet for a no-pressure initial consultation

Let’s have an initial conversation about your store, your SEO and marketing goals, and us working together.

”What makes your services different?“

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