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You want to get more sales for your store. I can help. Uncover hidden profits in your Shopify store and get more customers who buy more often.

Recommended Service: Shopify Marketing Diagnostic Consultation

"Kai has helped me get me found online, get more traffic, and make more sales.

His Ecommerce guidance has been invaluable in helping my Shopify Store grow."

— Keven Suttle, Owner, Smooth8

First, we take a look and make a plan.

With the Shopify Marketing Diagnostic Consultation, we're taking the time to discuss your problem at hand, review your store and analytics to understand your current marketing situation, answer any questions, and figure out what's needed.

The Shopify Marketing Diagnostic Consultation is $600.

  • We'll have a call to discuss your current situation and your current need
  • You'll share me on access to your store, your analytics tools, and your email marketing tools
  • I'll review your store and diagnose the cause of the problem at hand
  • You'll receive a written report from me outlining my recommendations for next steps for you and your store
  • We'll have a call to discuss and debrief from the report and confirm the recommended next steps

If the conclusion of the Shopify Diagnostic Consultation is:

It looks like it will be a quick fix, less than an hour

Then I'll implement the necessary fixes to your Store as part of this service and help you solve your problem at hand.

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Email Marketing: Turn Visitors into Readers and Customers

"Kai worked with us to get us what we needed in our tight timeframe. We immediately saw our email campaigns spike and so far, it was a great decision."

— KJ Smith, Marketing Director, RIPT Apparel

Recommended Service: Shopify Email Marketing Gameplan

Wondering if email marketing makes sense for your store and what the investment (upfront and ongoing) will be? What specific steps you'll need to take if you decide to implement email marketing for your store?

For $1,000, you'll receive a detailed report, specific to your store, on email marketing for you, your products, and your Shopify store.

We'll meet, discuss your experience your store and your experience with email marketing, review any questions you have, and then I'll prepare your report for you, giving you a custom blueprint for your store implementing (or updating) your Email Marketing.

You'll get advice specific to your store on:

  • If Email Marketing makes sense for your products and customers
  • What Return on Investment to look for with Email Marketing for your store
  • Recommended Email Marketing tools and campaigns for your products, customers, and store
  • How to best go about turning your already existing email list (your customers) into a profitable Email Marketing system

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Search Engine Optimization: More Traffic From Google For Your Store

Is Kai an SEO Master? Hell yes! I recommend Kai to every single Shopify store owner I know who wants more traffic.

— Kurt Elster, Founder & Principal, Ethercycle

Recommended Service: Shopify Search Engine Optimization Audit

Are you worried about what you need to fix (and what you can safely ignore) when it comes to optimizing your store for Google?

Stop worrying about that. Let an expert handle that for you.

With this, you'll get a detailed technical audit of your Store's SEO, an assessment of what needs to be fixed, and specific recommendations on what to do to address the most important SEO issues facing your store. (This will touch everything from Page Titles to Meta Descriptions and Content to Links)

Shopify Search Engine Audits start at $900.

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Answers To Your Shopify Marketing Questions: Schedule a 1-on-1 Call

Wow! This call was incredibly valuable. I got so much information in such a short amount of time and Kai was able to break the complicated world of SEO down to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. This call saved me HOURS of research and trial and error. Thanks again, Kai!

— Connie Holen, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Recommended Service: 1-on-1 Call

With over a decade experience helping Ecommerce stores grow, let me help you Double Your Ecommerce.

Do you have questions about marketing or growing your Shopify store? Let's hop on the phone and get answers to your most pressing questions (you'll even receive a short questionnaire from me before the call to help us identify the most important questions to focus on).