Minimize The Risk To Your Store’s SEO

When you’re growing your store through SEO — writing content, ranking higher, earning links — you sometimes come across strategies, projects, or opportunities that could help you move the needle on your growth goals, but also have a chance of harming your store:

But how are you supposed to know what’s too risky, how you can reduce the risk, and what risk is worth accepting? And how can you identify safe alternatives to risky opportunities that make the most sense for your growth?

Presenting, the SEO Risk Mitigation Consultation

Get expert, confidential insight from a 10+ year veteran of the SEO and Ecommerce industries into the SEO strategies and projects that make sense for your store (and what you should run away from screaming).

How much is this?

SEO Risk Mitigation Consultations are priced lean to save you money.

You can order your consultation today for $500. Once you pay, I’ll reach out within 1-2 business days with the next steps.

If you order now, your assessment will be completed within two weeks from our kickoff.

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