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Optimize your store's SEO with a done-for-you SEO Power-Up

Address the top Search Engine Optimization opportunities and issues for your Shopify store with this one-time done-for-you project.

I’ll personally take care of everything your store needs, from the initial technical + growth SEO analysis through implementing the top opportunities for your store. 

The single biggest issue Shopify stores face is getting profitable traffic from affordable sources

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a potential source of affordable, profitable traffic for your store? Perhaps it is.

But before you decide to invest in Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to understand the value that SEO can bring to your Shopify business.

When we work together, I’m focused on optimizing your Shopify store to better reach your customers where they’re already searching on Google.

Now, most of my clients already have very successful businesses.

It’s just when they’re looking to improve their SEO and increase the amount of traffic their Shopify store generates that they work with me.

”Is Kai an SEO master? Hell yes!“

“I’ve worked with Kai on 6+ Shopify SEO projects, ranging from SEO Audits and Link Building Campaigns to helping Shopify store owners understand why their competitors are outranking them. I recommend Kai to every single Shopify store owner I know who wants more traffic.”

Kurt Elster – Founder & Agency Owner, Ethercycle

Paid ads are expensive; SEO is cheap

Optimizing your store, so your collection, product, and other pages rank higher on Google and attract more traffic is a significantly better investment than paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok — even paid ads on Google. 

A one-time investment in SEO will help your store get more clicks and visitors 24/7/365

Most importantly, done-for-you SEO is the most affordable option to get your store more traffic.

Sure, you could:

Think about your business. Where is your time most valuable? When I’m working to help you with your SEO, you’re free to focus on the work that will bring in the most income to your business.

But this only works if you can leave your Shopify SEO to someone you can trust. Which is why my clients love working with me. I’ll help you grow your Shopify store by optimizing your site’s SEO.

Grow your store with done-for-you SEO

The Shopify SEO Power-Up is a high-touch, done-for-you, one-time SEO project that will help you:

Trusted by dozens of Shopify merchants and partners, including...

Presenting: the done-for-you Shopify SEO Power-Up

Most top-tier SEO talent is booked several months out and rarely takes on new clients.  I’m making myself available now to work with you because I want to help you make your Shopify store and SEO the best they can be.

When we work together on an SEO Power-Up, I’ll optimize your store so you can get more traffic from Google and rank higher. I’ll spend our time together identifying and implementing the top SEO opportunities for your store.

Plus, you’ll work directly with me throughout our time together, from the initial sales call through the done-for-you SEO implementation.

How much is the Shopify SEO Power-Up?

The investment for the SEO Power-Up is $6,000. That includes everything for this one-time done-for-you project:

  • The detailed analysis
  • The SEO opportunity report
  • The done-for-you SEO implementation

“Kai is very knowledgeable about e-commerce. He took the time to study my business and didn't just jump in with cookie-cutter fixes.”

Adrienne Williams – Owner, Grayson Monaé

“We vetted dozens of SEO agencies and specialists. Based on his insight into our industry and Shopify SEO, we decided to work with Kai.”

James Clark – COO, Farmhouse Artisan Market

“What will you do, exactly?”

First, I’ll perform a by-hand review and analysis of your store, content, analytics, keywords, and competitors to identify the most important opportunities for your growth. Then I’ll get to work implementing the agreed-upon top priorities for your store.

When we work together on an SEO Power-Up, your store will receive: 

There are dozens of things we could tackle to improve your store’s SEO. When we work together, it might look something like this:

What specifically I’ll implement depends on what make sense for your store, what opportunities I surface during the analysis phase, and what we agree upon as the top priorities during the review phase.

A typical SEO Power-Up project

As a more specific example, your SEO Power-Up might look like optimizing and addressing the following:

The specific details of what I’ll address and optimize for your store depend on the opportunities that surface during the project. When we work together, I’ll focus on finding the top opportunities for your store and implementing best-practice optimizations. 

If you’re interested in a one-time done-for-you project to improve your Shopify store’s SEO, your next step is to schedule an initial consultation with me. We’ll have a conversation where I can answer your questions about the SEO Power-Up and learn more about your store, products, and customers.  

“Are you any good at what you do?”

In the long run, my services have worked out really well for my clients in the long run. Here are testimonials from done-for-you SEO clients. 

“We saw a significant increase in traffic to our website and online sales”

“We were looking to expand traffic to our website and increase sales on our online store. While we were hesitant about the investment, Kai came highly recommended by a reputable marketing firm (Aeolidia), and we were impressed by his experience and testimonials.

Working with Kai, we saw a significant increase in traffic to our website and online sales. He was friendly, knowledgeable, organized, and very easy to work with. We were also pleased to see increased sales from states in which we had never had a presence.

We highly recommend Kai and his services. We worked on an SEO Opportunity Report, SEO TuneUp, and Traffic Power-Up for jojo+lo. Each time, he delivered on the project goals. He was very organized, timely, and open to our ideas.

Lori Bosch – Co-founder of jojo+lo Pickleball Wear

“My engagement with Kai was nothing short of a tremendous success!”

“During the three months we were together, we saw a nearly 3x increase in organic search visitors. Kai has been instrumental in solidifying our outreach strategy, has set us up perfectly with influencers, and identified numerous ‘quick wins’ on the web site.”

Charles Fitzgerald – CEO, The Kewl Shop

“Working with Kai was the best experience I have had with a consultant (as far as knowledge and making improvements to the business).”

“I purchased a Shopify store that was doing great in sales, and after re-branding and relaunching it, it never picked back up steam. I have worked with many “gurus,” “experts,” and “workshops” that took my money (a whole lot of it) with little to no results.

I chose to work with Kai and Double Your Ecommerce because I needed someone external to define the strategy and do the work.

After my first meeting with Kai, he mentioned opportunities and challenges facing my site (and went into a level of detail) that no other consultant had mentioned before.

As a result of my work with Kai and Double Your Ecommerce, my Shopify store is optimized for Google search (and looks better). On top of that, we worked on an Email Marketing Strategy and set up a campaign for my audience.

Kai is very knowledgeable about e-commerce. He took the time to study my business (and not just jump in with some cookie-cutter fixes). On top of that, he took the time to explain and ensure I understood vital issues and how to address them moving forward.

I strongly recommend Kai Davis and Double Your Ecommerce. Working with Kai was the best experience I have had with a consultant (as far as knowledge and making improvements to the business).

I loved working with Kai. He took the time to explain things and helped me understand them better.”

Adrienne Williams – Owner, Grayson Monaé

Questions, Frequently Asked

Q: “Are you going to pass us off to someone else for implementation?”

Absolutely not. You’ll be working with me throughout our time together. I’m a small business by choice and love working directly with merchants, clients, and customers. 

Q: “How will you know if you can help my business?”

In our initial call, we’ll discuss your business and goals so I can understand what you’re looking to achieve. Then, we’ll decide if my services are the right fit for helping you achieve your business goals.

Q: “Who is the Shopify SEO Tune-Up best for?”

My Shopify SEO Tune-Up isn’t for everyone, but you might want to apply if any of this sounds like you:

  • You’re a store on Shopify
  • You’re selling your own products
  • You’re looking to invest in improving your store’s SEO
  • You’re ready to set growth goals in the medium term, not the short-term

Q: “Who are you?”

I’m Kai Davis, founder of Double Your Ecommerce. I help Shopify merchants get more traffic for their stores from Google with high-touch, done-for-you SEO, marketing, and consulting services.

Q: “I’ve been burned by crap SEO professionals before. What makes you different? “

  • First, I only work with clients I’m confident I’ll be able to help achieve a positive return on their investment.
  • Second, unlike other SEO professionals, I’m focused on sustainable, long-term, ethical, done-for-you SEO optimizations to help your Shopify store get more traffic.
  • Third, I don’t bill by the hour or attach leeches to your wallet with expensive SEO retainers, so you never have to watch the clock, pay for change requests, or risk blowing the budget.
  • Fourth, I’m not just an SEO Consultant. I’m a marketing and business consultant with 15+ years of experience selling products and digital goods online.

Q: “How long does it take for us to start to see results?”

Most clients start to see an increase in organic traffic ~3-months after we complete our work together.

Q: “I have a bigger project. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely. Please email me and tell me more about your project. 

Q: “Do you offer any SEO guarantees?”

I don’t offer any SEO guarantees (and you should be very wary of any provider that does). What I do guarantee is that I’ll do my best to:

  • Provide regular updates on project status and progress and promptly notify you of any issues of concern or risk (I strive for “zero surprises” project management).
  • Schedule and facilitate any meetings, interviews, or other activities necessary to meet project objectives.
  • Create, format, revise, and QA content and material to meet the project objectives.
Ready to Grow?

Meet with me for a no-pressure initial consultation

I’m currently accepting new clients for my Shopify SEO Power-Up.

The investment for your Shopify SEO Power-Up is $6,000. That includes everything for this one-time SEO project:

  • The detailed analysis
  • The SEO opportunity report
  • The done-for-you SEO implementation

Let’s have an initial conversation about your store, your SEO and marketing goals, and us working together:

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Matthew Conte – Founder & Engineer, Outbound Lighting

“The ‘do now, do later’ list of action items was incredibly helpful since I'm not well-versed in SEO!”

Maureen Smith – Owner, CastleWare Baby 

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