Learn how to DIY your Shopify store’s SEO

DIY your own SEO or level up a team member to handle your SEO for you with this Shopify SEO Training.

What are you supposed to do if you have a team member you want to handle your SEO for you? Or what about if you want to learn how to do your SEO?

Sure, you could:

  • Read a bunch of guides and articles on how to do your Shopify SEO. But if the advice is out of date (or conflicting), you aren’t learning what you need to do to grow. (And you might inadvertently do the wrong things.)
  • Work with an agency/freelancer/consultant to handle your SEO for you. But hiring freelancers is an expensive way to grow your store, and it doesn’t end up with you (or a team member) knowing more about how to handle your SEO.
  • Do nothing. But the longer you wait to take action, the further ahead your competitors will pull in Google’s rankings, making it that much harder for you to catch up.

Imagine this:

Imagine having a trusted member of your team who knows how to handle common + high-impact SEO tasks and actions on Shopify, like:

  • Adding new products to your store and optimizing them for keywords
  • Optimizing your store’s collections (and marketing pages) to bring in more visitors
  • Reviewing your store’s keyword rankings and reporting back on changes and opportunities

With this team member up-skilled, you’re now spending less on SEO Freelancers, agencies, and consultants. You don’t need to continually spend $$$ on outside contractors to handle your SEO for you.

Plus, as new SEO tasks come up, you’re able to handle the highest impact ones in-house. You can save the remaining more unwieldy jobs for outside help to tackle if necessary.

Instead of feeling like SEO is like fighting a costly, never-ending war, you feel like you’re making significant progress in your marketing.

Your store is moving up in Google’s rankings, and you’re seeing the results of the work you’re putting in.

Presenting, SEO Training for Shopify stores

With this SEO Training, you’ll benefit from hands-on direction, training, and coaching on how to do SEO for Shopify.

You (or your team member) will get personalized training on modern Shopify SEO and guidance on what to do to grow your store.

Altogether, you’ll receive:

  • Twice-a-month 1-hour screen-sharing calls. We’ll meet twice a month to discuss your store and SEO, answer questions, discuss opportunities, and confirm your next actions. These calls are like a coaching session on what to do to improve your SEO. (We dive into live brainstorming, strategy, and implementation for your store on calls.)
  • ‘Do this, not that’ steps. You’ll get video + audio recordings of each call to review, with easy-to-read meeting notes and specific actions for you to take.
  • Private SEO Video Training Library. You’ll get access to my growing private library of training videos, interviews, and resources on Shopify SEO. These videos will help you understand the big picture (and nuts-and-bolts) of modern Shopify SEO, how to take actions in Shopify to manage your SEO, and SEO project management for your store.
  • 24/7 private Slack and Email access. While we work together, you’ll have access to a private channel in Slack, a popular business chat app. You can use this space to ask questions, share updates, and get answers in-between calls. (You’ll get answers from me within ~2 business days, often much sooner.)
  • Personalized SEO Action Plan for your store. When we start our work together, I’ll prepare an action plan for your store, highlighting the top opportunities (and issues) to work on to improve your SEO.

You (or your employee/team member) will receive training on what you need to do for SEO, personalized direction on steps to take to grow your store’s SEO, and coaching on how to overcome SEO challenges along the way.

How much does this cost?

Shopify SEO Training is $1,500/month (or $4,000/quarter).

While there is no monthly commitment and you can cancel at any time, I encourage working together for a minimum of at least three months.

Apply Now! Spots are limited

Because I work 1-on-1 with each of my clients, I only work with a few clients at a time.

There are only two 1-on-1 SEO Training spots available. Apply now, and you’ll be ahead of everyone who applies after you.

How to apply: Fill out the short form below with some information about you, your store, and your background. You’ll hear back from me within ~1-2 business days.

Confession time:
I’m not just an SEO consultant

I’m also a business and marketing consultant. That means I don’t just focus on helping your store get more traffic. I’m interested in your specific, long-term business and marketing goals and how your investment in SEO (and SEO Training) aligns with those goals.

I want to understand how your Shopify store fits into your overall business plan, how the products on your site solve your customers’ pains, and how you’ll know if your store is a success.

Over the years, I’ve built my consulting practice on strategies that help my clients grow their businesses. When you and I work together, you’ll get access to this experience and insights, in addition to my expertise in SEO.

“I have a few questions…”

Q: “Are you any good at what you do?”

In the long run, my services have worked out really well for my clients. Here’s one example from one of my SEO clients:

My engagement with Kai was nothing short of a tremendous success. During the three months we were together, we saw a nearly 3x increase in organic search visitors. — Charles Fitzgerald, CEO, The Kewl Shop

Q: “Who is this SEO Training for?”

If you’re looking to learn how to DIY your SEO on Shopify and want to learn the essential skills, tools, and processes you need to know to grow your store, then this is for you.

1-on-1 Shopify SEO Training is best for:

  • Shopify Merchants who want to understand what goes into Shopify SEO, how to project manage their SEO, and how to do their SEO themselves.
  • Junior SEOs (employees or team members) working at a Shopify store who want to learn how to do more SEO for their store.

You should:

  • Have the ability (or the team member) to do the work
  • Want 1-on-1 guidance tailored to your specific needs
  • Be prepared to spend time working on my recommendations, homework, or next actions in-between calls
  • Have the time (and dedication) to attend our calls, follow through on the homework, and let me know if you can’t do the work

Q: “Who is this training not for?”

This is not right for you if:

  • You want done-for-you results.  If you’re looking for someone to do your SEO for you, that is something I can help with. (Read about my Traffic PowerUp Sprints right here or browse my complete list of done-for-you services right here.)
  • You want overnight results. Good SEO takes time. You should see results from our work within ~6-8 weeks.
  • You’re an agency with a junior you’re looking to train. Alas, I can’t teach your junior what matters most and what you know best: your team’s internalized approach to SEO, marketing, and client management.
  • You want a black hat approach to your SEO. Working together, you’ll learn from an experienced digital marketer who focuses on white hat SEO techniques that work (that’s me).

Q: “I’ve been burned by crap SEO professionals before. What makes you different?”

I’ve been fortunate enough to sell online, do SEO and growth marketing, and work with clients on Shopify for 15+ years. What makes me different?

  • I’m a long-term Ecommerce entrepreneur. I’ve been selling online since 2003. I have 10+ years of experience in SEO, 15+ years in Internet Marketing, 10+ years in Email Marketing, 15+ years in Copywriting, and 7+ years working with Shopify stores.
  • I’m exclusively focused on White Hat SEO (no black hat tactics or techniques here). When we work together, I help you focus on actions that help your customers more easily find the products and information they’re searching for in Google.
  • I’m an experienced marketing and growth coach. I’ve provided entrepreneurs with marketing and growth coaching and training for the last 8+ years. I’ve worked with 30+ 1-on-1 coaching and training clients in the past six years.

Bottom line, I’m focused on giving you pragmatic + actionable advice on actions to take to grow, rank higher, and get more traffic.

Q: “What can you teach me?

You’ll get full access to my experience and knowledge when we work together. Here’s a selection of topics I can teach you:

  • What regular SEO processes to follow in your store week to week (and month to month)
  • How to optimize new products you add to Shopify to rank higher in Google
  • What steps to take to optimize your existing products, collections, and blogs to rank higher for their current most valuable keywords
  • What Google looks for to rank your store, products, and pages higher
  • Free tools to identify keywords your store is ranking for and track your SEO
  • How to review your competitors’ stores, identify the keywords they’re targeting, and use that information to outrank them

Q: “How will you know if you can help my business?”

In our initial call together, we’ll discuss your business and goals so I can understand what you’re looking to achieve. Then, together, we’ll decide if my SEO Training service is the right fit for helping you achieve your goals.

Q: “I have a bigger project. Can you help?

Yes, Absolutely. Browse my services here or tell me more about your project when you apply to work together, and we can confidentially discuss your project and the results you’re looking to achieve.

Do you still have any questions? That’s reasonable! If so, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Apply for Shopify SEO Training

Here’s exactly how to get in touch and start work together:

  1. Fill out the form below and tell me a little about you, your background, and your store.
  2. Once you submit the form, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me.
  3. You’ll hear from me in ~1-2 business days with a reply and a few follow-up questions.

👉 Click here to return to the Shopify SEO Training application form.

p.s., Shopify Merchants: DIY your Shopify store’s SEO (and save money compared to paying expensive freelancers and agencies to do it all for you)
  • Get personalized advice and direction on what to do.
  • Save a bunch of money compared to hiring an agency to handle it for you.
  • Learn the essential SEO skills that you need to know to tackle your store’s SEO.

👉 Get in touch right here today (and you’ll be ahead of everyone who applies after you)

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