Get actionable video feedback on your Shopify store and SEO

Get actionable feedback on what to change to improve your Shopify store’s SEO, messaging, and content and grow your Shopify business.

Your store’s teardown will get fresh eyes on your store and potential growth opportunities, including your SEO, content, messaging, and user experience.

On Shopify? Looking for fresh insights on your SEO and what to do to grow?

With your SEO + Growth Video Teardown, you’ll get actionable ‘do this, not that’ video feedback on your store and recommendations on what to do to grow. The goal is to help you take what you’ve already built and help make it more effective.

Your SEO + Growth Teardown will focus on:


  • Your store’s SEO, including your homepage and top pages, keywords and analytics, title tags, and technical SEO.
  • Your store’s design, functionality, and layout on desktop and mobile, to make sure that it looks good + functions well.
  • Your messaging, with actionable feedback on your headlines and content and opportunities for improvement

Get actionable ‘do this, not that’ advice on improving your Shopify store.

Deliverables for your teardown include:


  • ~45-minutes of video feedback diving into your site, SEO, analytics, and keywords. Transcripts are included.
  • An action plan highlighting the top opportunities coming out of your video teardown and giving you a prioritized punch list to work from.
  • An optional recommendation discussion call to answer any questions.

Plus, you’re covered by my money-back guarantee. If I can’t find any opportunities for you to grow your store, I’ll refund your payment in full.


What do customers have to share about your work?

Here are testimonial from recent SEO + Growth Teardown clients:


Matthew Conte
This teardown rocks. I appreciate the in-depth content; this is well worth the price.

I’ve already started implementing some of your suggestions from your SEO + Growth Teardown that are spot on. Your insight about making a separate marketing page for discount codes is genius. That insight alone will more than pay for this teardown. Come Black Friday that’ll easily be worth $20-30k for us, if not more.

Founder & Engineer, Outbound Lighting, Matthew Conte

“SEO, if done right, takes time and I love that you don’t overpromise and underdeliver.”

It’s still early in the process; however, we have implemented most of the recommendations and have seen an increase in e-commerce conversions.

We loved your recommendations, approach to online customers, and tips and tricks to improve our page ranking. Your advice on business strategy and direction was spot on.

The change in tone of our website was huge to help with conversions, and I loved your honesty about not seeing immediate results. We did see some results quicker than expected, and for others, we are still waiting on Google to recognize the changes.

SEO, if done right, takes time and I love that you don’t overpromise and underdeliver.

— Founder, WagTrendz, Michelle Clayton

“The ‘do now, do later’ list of actionable items was incredibly helpful!”

When I first reached out to Kai Davis and Double Your Ecommerce, I wasn’t sure if I was getting the most out of my Shopify store. I wanted a professional to evaluate the site and give me actionable items to improve.

I found out about Kai through a trusted source, and I liked the idea of working one-on-one with the business owner. Kai’s website gave me the sense that he knew what he was talking about and that he was organized.

After our project (an SEO + Growth Teardown), I understood better what Google is looking for and how to make the necessary SEO changes to my Shopify store. The findings were clearly presented, and the 60-minute video breakdown made it easy to digest. The ‘do now, do later’ list of actionable items was also incredibly helpful since I’m not well-versed in SEO.

I found all the information provided by Kai very clear to understand for a beginner like me. I also appreciated his helpful guides and blogs. I’m learning a lot about SEO from them.

— Maureen Smith
Owner, CastleWare Baby

“Working with Kai, I feel I received the best guidance on how to apply SEO within the Shopify platform”

We had been looking for someone familiar with the Shopify platform to help us with our SEO. I was very lost on getting across our message of what sets us apart and why customers should shop with us without it being too wordy.

I decided to reach out to Kai after first seeing him in a video presentation hosted by Ilana Davis where they shared suggestions for Shopify websites they reviewed. It made me realize we could do better with our homepage.

As a result of this SEO + Growth Teardown, we received very informative and clear instructions on SEO improvements to make to our site. The video teardown Kai delivered was a fantastic resource. It was great seeing Kai use the ‘page hack’ tool to demonstrate changes to the site content. It helps to visually see the suggestions. We could then forward suggestions to our developers for implementation.

Working with Kai, I feel I received the best guidance on how to apply SEO within the Shopify platform — which I haven’t received from other sources we worked with. I loved his suggestions on adding more important content to the homepage and how to better use the hero image. The explanation of product titles gave me a better idea of what I should do going forward with SEO and Google.

I look forward to working with Kai again soon to dive deeper into our website!

— C Lebel

Frequently Asked Questions

This service is not a good fit for you and your store if:

  • You aren’t comfortable investing $X00 in getting actionable, strategic advice on your store
  • You aren’t willing to put the time, effort, attention, and energy into implementing the advice yourself
  • You’re looking for a ‘done for you’ option for growing your Shopify store (but we can help with that with the SEO TuneUp!)

If you don’t have a Shopify store yet, feel free to order an SEO + Growth Teardown and save it for when you have a store on Shopify.

SEO + Growth Teardowns are best for merchants on the Shopify platform looking for actionable information on converting more visitors into customers and growing and marketing their store.

5-10 business days. In case of any delays, I’ll reach out and keep you informed.

I’ll need access to these systems for your store for this project:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Shopify

Once you pay for this project, you’ll receive instructions on how to share me on your systems.

Yes. When you purchase, you’ll receive information on the next steps. You can always buy an SEO + Growth Teardown now and wait to act on it until a convenient time.

If you think your Shopify store is vital to your business’s success, and want actionable, specific feedback on making your store better, then purchase your SEO + Growth Teardown today. You’ll receive helpful, actionable advice on how to make your Shopify store your most effective salesperson.

(Why wait? Buy now with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.)

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