Get the 5 biggest opportunities to grow your store today

Get actionable feedback on what to change to improve your Shopify store and grow your Shopify business.

Your store’s teardown will get fresh eyes on your content, messaging, design, SEO, and growth opportunities.

On Shopify? Looking for fresh insights on what to do to grow?

With your Growth + SEO Video Teardown, you’ll receive a actionable feedback and recommendations on what to do to grow your store. The goal is to help you take what you’ve already built + provide actionable suggestions and feedback to help make your website a more effective salesperson.

Feedback focuses on:

  • Your Shopify store’s design, functionality, and layout on desktop and mobile, making sure that it looks good + functions well.
  • Your messaging and copywriting, providing actionable feedback on your content and suggestions on improving your messaging.
  • Your SEO, keywords, and top landing pages. Get ‘do this, not that’ recommendations on how to improve the SEO for your homepage, collections, products, and blogs.

Deliverables for your teardown include:

  • ~3-4 15-minute videos diving into different parts of your site with transcripts of each video (i.e., homepage, products/collections, blog content).
  • A ‘do this, not that’ action plan highlighting the top ~5 priorities coming out of this video teardown and giving you a prioritized punch list to work from.
  • A recommendation discussion call after project delivery to discuss the feedback/recommendations, answer any questions, and confirm next steps.

Plus, you’re covered by my money-back guarantee. If I can’t find any opportunities for you to grow your store, I’ll refund your payment in full.

What do customers have to share about your work?

Here is feedback from a recent client who invested in a Growth + SEO Video Teardown:

It’s still early in the process; however, we have implemented most of the recommendations and have seen an increase in e-commerce conversions.

We loved your recommendations, approach to online customers, and tips and tricks to improve our page ranking. Your advice on business strategy and direction was spot on.

The change in tone of our website was huge to help with conversions, and I loved your honesty about not seeing immediate results. We did see some results quicker than expected, and for others, we are still waiting on Google to recognize the changes.

SEO, if done right, takes time and love that you don’t overpromise and underdeliver.

— Melissa Clayton, Founder, WagTrendz

Frequently Asked Questions

“Who is a Shopify Growth + SEO Teardown not right for?”

This service is not a good fit for you and your store if:

  • You aren’t comfortable investing $X00 in getting actionable, strategic advice on your store
  • You aren’t willing to put the time, effort, attention, and energy into implementing the advice yourself
  • You’re looking for a ‘done for you’ option for growing your Shopify store (but we can help with that with the SEO TuneUp!)

If you don’t have a Shopify store yet, feel free to order a Growth + SEO Teardown and save it for when you do have a store.

“Who are Growth + SEO Teardowns best for?”

Growth + SEO Teardowns are best for merchants currently on the Shopify platform looking for actionable information on converting more visitors into customers and growing and marketing their store.

“How long does it take?”

5-10 business days. In case of any delays, I’ll reach out and keep you informed.

“What systems will you need access to?”

I’ll need access to these systems for your store for this project:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Shopify

Once you pay for this project, you’ll receive instructions on how to share me on your systems.

“Can I buy now and book later?”

Yes. When you purchase, you’ll receive information on the next steps. You can always buy a Growth + SEO Teardown now and wait to act on it until a convenient time.

Order Your Growth + SEO Teardown today!

If you think your Shopify store is vital to your business’s success, and want actionable, specific feedback on making your store better, then purchase your Growth + SEO Teardown today. You’ll learn how to make your Shopify store your most effective salesperson, and you’ll receive helpful, actionable advice.

(Why wait? Buy now with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.)

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