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Get a done-for-you email welcome series written for your store with this white-glove copywriting and email marketing service.

Is your store welcoming your
new customers and email subscribers?

Your ideal customers are out there searching on Google, listening to podcasts, and reading product reviews online, but they aren’t finding you, your store, or your products.

That’s a challenge for your future growth. How is your Shopify business supposed to market itself, reach new people, and grow? Sure, you could:

  • Invest in Search Engine Optimization, but good SEO takes time to do well and start to see the results.
  • Spend more money on Facebook ads, but since iOS 14 launched, you’ve been seeing a lower ROAS, and your FB/IG advertising dollars aren’t going as far.
  • Send a direct mail campaign, but direct mail is best used as a way to generate repeat purchases from your existing customers, not attract new customers.

How are you supposed to market yourself and reach new audiences, tell them about your products, and help them become new customers?

The benefits of product review outreach

Product review outreach can help you with every single one of those goals. Product review outreach lets you:

  • Reach new, relevant audiences online
  • Promote your best selling products (and new ones, too)
  • Place high-quality social proof (i.e., product reviews) across relevant, active content creators in your market
  • Bring new people to your store with a strong referral for your products (via the high-quality product review)

Plus, you can use these authentic product reviews as part of your overall marketing collateral and messaging. You can take the product review and:

  • Repost an excerpt of the review on Instagram
  • Use part of a product review in the description on your product detail page
  • Send the product review to your email list as part of a launch or store welcome series

This high-quality social proof will make it easier for you to reach your customers, overcome their objections, and help move them towards making a purchase.

Maybe you’ve thought about product review outreach already, and you like the idea of getting high-quality social proof for your products. But doing outreach yourself can be challenging. Who are you supposed to reach out to? What are you supposed to say? How are you supposed to work together?

What if your product review outreach was done for you?

With my done-for-you, white-glove Product Review Outreach service, you’ll get a consistent stream of high-quality product reviews for your best-selling products and reach new audiences across the internet.

When we work together on a done-for-you outreach campaign for your store, we’ll start by working together on the strategy for your outreach campaign. Then you’ll get three months of a done-for-you product review outreach.

Altogether, you’ll get:

  • An initial strategy phase and kickoff working session to discuss your products, market, and business and define your strategy, offer, and messaging.
  • A ‘Digital Outreach Plan’ strategy document (unique to your business, products, and goals) for your product review outreach campaign. This document will define who we’re looking to reach, what we’re offering, and how they’ll benefit.
  • A custom-written outreach email and up to 5 follow-up emails promoting a collaboration opportunity with your store and products.
  • ~20-30 initial prospects identified, qualified, and enriched for you to review. Then, ongoing prospecting to identify new prospects for your outreach campaign.
  • Three months of done-for-you email outreach and relationship management with content creators in your market.

With done-for-you product review outreach, you’ll reach new audiences, promote your products, and get high-quality social proof (product reviews) to reuse in your marketing and across your channels.

My clients generally see between 10 and 25 product review placements each quarter. (How many review placements we’ll get on your campaign depends on your market, your products, and your offer for this campaign.)

Product Review Outreach is $7,500/quarter.

How to become a product review outreach client

I only work with a small number of product review outreach clients at a time — and only with clients selling their own private label products on Shopify.

There are two slots available for done-for-you product review outreach. If you’re looking to reach new audiences with your products, then you should get in touch about this done-for-you service.

Ready to get started? Tell me about your store and products right here. I’ll be in touch after I hear from you.

  • First, get in touch and tell me about your store, product, and target market. I’ll reply with a question or two or confirm the next steps.
  • Next, we’ll get on an initial consultation call. I’ll ask a few questions about your store, your products, and how a done-for-you outreach campaign can help your business grow.
  • After that, you can expect a quote from me for your campaign.
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