What should you do
to rank higher in Google?

(most of us are lost when it comes to getting more traffic)

Should you:

  • Publish more blog posts?
  • Rewrite your product pages?
  • Get started with that ‘link building’ thing?

It’s hard enough to run an Ecommerce business when you’re competing with Amazon.

So what steps should you take (and projects should you focus on) to get your store ranking higher in Google?

What if you had expert advice
on the specific steps to take to rank higher?

Imagine that you had a list of the top 5-8 SEO priorities, specific for your store, products, and customers. Not empty promises of “rank #1 tomorrow with this one secret tip.”

Expert direction, insight, and feedback on the tasks, projects, and initiatives you need to focus on with your store over the short and long term.

  • Not “the same old hand-wavy advice” that you’ve heard a thousand times already.
  • Not “yet another SEO audit” with a Google Sheets checklist that only overwhelms you.
  • Not “a ‘guaranteed’ path to ranking #1,” which no SEO or marketing consultant worth their salt should ever say to you.

But actionable, specific, impactful advice on your SEO and Technical SEO, link building, content creation, keywords, and collections and products — all distilled down to the top 5-8 priorities you need to focus on to get more traffic.

Presenting, the Website X-Ray SEO Audit

Actionable guidance on what to focus on to get more traffic

With your Website X-Ray you’ll receive specific feedback on your store and your SEO: what’s working, what isn’t, and what to focus on first.

Your Website X-Ray will feature a short, focused, actionable report on your store that highlights the most relevant information, opportunities, and actions to take, including optimizing your SEO, fix pressing concerns, and rank higher in Google.

You’ll love the actionable insights surfaced in the Website X-Ray, including:

  • Top 5-8 SEO Opportunities — These are the top issues, opportunities, and initiatives to focus on today (and over the coming months) for your store.
  • Keyword Optimization Map — The top keywords your most popular collections and product pages are ranking for and the optimizations to make to rank higher.
  • ‘Do This, Not That’ Action Plan — A prioritized list of the impactful actions to take this month, this quarter, and this year to grow your store.
  • Plus More — Including, Competitor Insights, Feedback on Your Store, and access to the Shopify Tech Tools Database

Including the 158-Point ‘by hand’
Technical SEO Audit and Assessment

Your Website X-Ray features a detailed assessment of your store’s Technical SEO. Your store will complete a proprietary 158-point Technical SEO ‘by hand’ assessment to surface opportunities, priorities, and issues to address.

During this Technical SEO Audit, your store will be:

  • Guided through a 158-point hand inspection covering 12 different Search Engine and Technical SEO areas, from on-page and site-wide issues to off-site and mobile. (We’ll even look at your page titles for typos.)
  • Scanned by hand for issues in 6+ different premium SEO tools (including tooling to surface issues with technical SEO, crawling, backlinks, keywords, organic rankings, page experience, your most popular landing pages and products)

Finally, a hand review is done of all the data and recommendations from your Technical SEO audit, and the top ~5-8 SEO opportunities and issues for your store are identified.

Get started with
your Website X-Ray today!

I’ve helped dozens of Shopify stores improve their SEO, rank higher, and get more traffic and sales. And now I’d like to help your store grow.

Website X-Rays are only $2,000. If you’d like to take this step towards higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales, please fill out the form below.

You’ll hear back from me in ~1-3 business days. I’ll share a few follow-up questions and set up a time for us to talk.

  • What outcome are you looking for? Why did the Website X-Ray catch your eye?

Your store desperately
needs a plan for more traffic!

  • Are you unsure what to do to rank higher with Google? The Website X-Ray will give you specific, actionable feedback on the changes you need to make and the projects and initiatives you need to tackle to rank higher. You can use the Website X-Ray as a roadmap for your next year of SEO improvements.
  • Are you struggling to understand why you aren’t up there with your competitors? The Website X-Ray will pick apart your website (and your competitors’ websites) from top to bottom, giving you detailed + actionable advice on what you need to do to rank higher.
  • Do you want a low-risk, easy-out consulting relationship? The Website X-Ray is a terrific way to determine how we work together. If you’re wondering how I work (and if I fit into your overall culture), a one-off commitment reduces your risk as much as possible.

“What do people have to say about your work?”

At Double Your Ecommerce, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many growing and established Shopify stores and help them get more traffic and get found online. Here is a selection of their kind words. (You can read a larger selection of public testimonials right here.)

Your Website X-Ray was incredible.

It was SO helpful for my store. There was a TON of information there + really actionable items to help us improve our SEO.

I was really impressed, it was really helpful. You surpassed any expectations I had.

— Janet Avila, Founder, String Theory Yarn Company

Is Kai an SEO Master? Hell yes!

I’ve worked with Kai on 6+ Shopify SEO projects, ranging from SEO Audits and Link Building Campaigns to helping Shopify store owners understand why their competitors are outranking them.

I recommend Kai to every single Shopify store owner I know who wants more traffic.

— Kurt Elster, Founder & Principal, Ethercycle

“Can you help us
implement your recommendations?”

In a word, “Yes!” With my Done-for-You Traffic PowerUp service, we’ll get to work tackling the top opportunities for your store (and fixing any pressing SEO issues) to help you rank higher and get more traffic.

“Who are you?”

I’m Kai Davis, the CEO, and Founder of Double Your Ecommerce. I’ve been an SEO and Internet Marketing consultant for 15+ years and working with Shopify stores since 2014.

Get started with
your Website X-Ray today!

I only work with a limited number of clients each month. And I’d love to work with you and your store next.

Website X-Rays are only $2,000. If you’d like to take this step towards higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales, please fill out the form below. You’ll hear back from me in ~1-3 business days. I’ll share a few follow-up questions and set up a time for us to talk.

  • What outcome are you looking for? Why did the Website X-Ray catch your eye?
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