We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of Ecommerce Merchants and Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. Read a selection of their kind words here.

Traffic PowerUp Testimonials

My engagement with Kai was nothing short of a tremendous success. During the three months we were together, we saw a nearly 3x increase in organic search visitors. Kai has been instrumental in solidifying our outreach strategy, has set us up perfectly with influencers, and identified numerous 'quick wins' on the web site.
Charles Fitzgerald
CEO, The Kewl Shop
Working with Kai feels like I have a full-fledged digital marketing team working with me to grow my business. Kai has helped me get me found online, get more traffic, and make more sales. His guidance has been invaluable in helping my business grow.
Keven Suttle
Owner, Smooth8

I purchased a Shopify store that was doing great in sales, and after re-branding and relaunching it, it never picked back up steam. I have worked with many “gurus,” “experts,” and “workshops” that took my money (a whole lot of it) with little to no results.

I chose to work with Kai and Double Your Ecommerce because I needed someone external to define the strategy and do the work.

After my first meeting with Kai, he mentioned opportunities and challenges facing my site (and went into a level of detail) that no other consultant before had mentioned.

As a result of my work with Kai and Double Your Ecommerce, my Shopify store is optimized for Google search (and looks better). On top of that, we worked on an Email Marketing Strategy and set up a campaign for my audience.

Kai is very knowledgeable about e-commerce. He took the time to actually study my business (and not just jump in with some cookie-cutter fixes). On top of that, he took the time to explain and make sure I understood vital issues and how to address them myself moving forward.

I strongly recommend Kai Davis and Double Your Ecommerce. Working with Kai was the best experience I have had with a consultant (as far as knowledge and making improvements to the business).

I loved working with Kai. He took the time to explain things and helped me understand them better.

Adrienne Williams
Owner, Grayson Monaé

SEO and Website X-Ray Testimonials

Is Kai an SEO Master? Hell yes! I've worked with Kai on 6+ Shopify SEO projects, ranging from SEO Audits and Link Building Campaigns to helping Shopify store owners understand why their competitors are outranking them and helping them get their best products exposed to new audiences. I recommend Kai to every single Shopify store owner I know who wants more traffic.
Kurt Elster
Founder & Principal, Ethercycle
Kai's expertise in Search Engine Optimization gave us real, actionable insights into how we could improve our Organic SEO. Without a doubt, Kai provided Search Engine Optimization insights that no plugin or software could. (Plus, by leaving the SEO audit to him, we freed up time to focus on improving our business.)
Kris. K

Your Website X-Ray report was incredible, I just have to say. It was SO helpful, the way you arranged it was perfect, there was a TON of information there, and really actionable items.

I was really impressed, it was really helpful. I didn't know what to expect going into it, but you surpassed any expectations I had.

Email Marketing Testimonials

Kai worked with us to get us what we needed in our tight timeframe and we immediately saw our email campaigns spike and so far, it was a great decision.

Before working with Kai, we were concerned about the time/turn around.We had a turnaround time that we recognized was tight and approaching but we needed it. Kai worked with us to get us what we needed for our email campaigns in that time frame. And Kai us helped identify things that we didn't realize were issues on our website as well as magnify the things we did know about so that we could get on the road to change and improve performance.

We immediately saw our email campaigns spike and so far, it was a great decision. Our favorite aspect of working with Kai? Honestly, that someone else with more time and attention to those details was handling it. I never felt that I had to watch over anything and was given all the info that was needed. It was nice to not have to "search" through the data to find the answer and have an expert pull it together for us. The pricing was on par for the depth into our data.

The takeaways from Kai's work made it easy to understand what we needed and have it validated back to us so we were on the same page. The work was delivered in a detailed manner, that was written in layman's term, which was refreshing. We are all smart, but Kai didn't try to talk over anyone's head, which a lot of companies do.

For those in need of another set of eyes on their website or email marketing, I would definitely recommend Kai!

KJ Smith
Marketing Director, RIPT Apparel

Marketing Growth Clarity Call Testimonials

As an eCommerce entrepreneur and web developer, I thought that SEO wasn't something that I needed to pay attention to. Kai helped me understand both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of Outreach and Search Engine Optimization. It isn't just about getting a link or a sale. It's about building a human relationship through Outreach — and that's where the other opportunities come from. Kai changed my perspective of SEO!
Sam Lilli
Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Attainment Apparel

Website Review Testimonials

I thought my website was 'quite good' until I engaged Kai to look it over. He pointed out all the areas for improvement that should have been obvious to me, but somehow weren't. He suggested alternative strategies and content that was easy to employ. 'Value for Money' doesn't cover it - I wouldn't hesitate to use him again.
Peter Mulqueen
Ecommerce Founder
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